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PE is changing my life !

PE is changing my life !

Hi guys thought I’d introduce myself after just reading Dino9x7’s post,I’ve been doing PE for 11 months now and hane gone from 5.75x4.75 to just under 7x5……how about that……..I’m the happiest guy on the planet!Having a small rig has caused me so much emotional pain in the past and now I’m starting to heal and love my dick,I wished I’d discovered this years ago.I started pe with a pump initially but now I mainly do stretches after quite a long period with a hot wrap,usually I’ll do 5 days on 2 days off/20 to 30 mins per day with maximum pressure applied.My goal is 8x5.5 and even if it takes me over a few years to get there I’ve got a feeling I”ll do it because it means a lot to me… confidence as a man for instance and making up for all those years when I felt inadequete and not right.
I’ll keep you fellas posted on my gains,wish I had a camera.
ps this forum is the best and funniest place I’ve seen you lot are great,I feel like Ive come home when I visit here.
Keep pulling keep striving fellas,speak to you soon.
I need a mentor how do I go about that….any offers…cheers.


Hi Hereshoping

Congratulations on your first post here and your gains. How long have you been lurking in the background??

I just love reading posts like yours!!! The fact that we can change our dicks for the better is just a “total bliss-making mind-fuck” as far as I’m concerned.

Not sure if I can be your mentor……you’re already off to a great start already though, and if I were you I’d just keep up what I was doing, unless and until you plateau and the gains stop or slow right up.

And bless Dinos’ big heart for his post encouraging guys to join up and post.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

Welcome to the board, hereshoping. Congratulations on your gains.

Please take a moment to review the Forum Guidelines.

Thanks and good luck on reaching your goal.


There is no replacement for displacement

Thanks guys,Ive been lurking in the darkness since june but now I’ve made the first move I think I’ll start regular postings and updates,gonna need a bit of advice re.erectile dysfunction because he keeps deflating on me.Cheers again.hereshoping

8x5.5 is coming is coming

Excellent gains mate, and more importantly, it’s great that your self esteem has improved. That’s where it’s at.

Welcome, hereshoping;

And Dino’s right. We all get more out of the forums by participating.

You can post any erectile dyfunction questions in the Men’s Sexual Health Forum, and there are some links at the top of it if you need them.




It’s great to read your positive comments on how PE has changed your life. The same thing happened for me too, and Thundersplace has been a great part of maintaining the focus and providing the fraternity of support for many of us to go even further. We’ll all look forward to the future successes I’m sure you’ll have.


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