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Pe gain or vain


Do not start with hanging if you’re a newbie. Manual stretches are the way to go right now. I don’t have experience with an ADS, but a lot of members recommend it even for newbies, just do a search. Hanging will come much later, when your penis is stronger, and if you hang too early, you might “toughen up” your penile tissue and not gain as much as you could have if you started out with something less drastic.

Hanging for long periods using minimal weight, or low traction ADS is more in-line with the “safest” mode of elongation for connective tissues recommended by top physiologists.

I think most people perform manual stretching in a way which results in high force, over short periods, the direct opposite of current clinical practices for safe plastic deformation.…ngation&f=false

See page 102:

Magnitude and duration of tensile forces.

It is infact quite plausible that high-force, manual stretching will hinder long-term gains.

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