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Florida weather, flaccid size and DE

Florida weather, flaccid size and DE

Sorry, the three topics in the title are not intertwined, but I am gonna comment on them all.

I see in a quick search, there are multiple threads relating to DE (delayed ejactulation), I have some more reading to do. I have an appointment with my GP on Monday for some unrelated preventative tests, I am going to ask her about switching my medications, to see if she will switch my hypertension medication from this:

to this:

because of these two threads.

I have problems ejaculating inside a woman. Delayed orgasm.

Blood pressure med and erection

Currently, I only ejaculate about 50% of the time, even though I have 9-10 EQ, thanks to PE exercises. Spending a week in Florida, having the opportunity to make love every day magnified the urgency of the problem, it became frustrating to my lady as well as me. I see that at least one of the posters in one thread is about the same age as me, and was having similar issues with a beta blocker. And the poster regarding Doxazosin, said that it actually helped his EQ, how could it hurt to try?

If anyone else has anything advice to add to this, don’t be shy. Again, I will read all the appropriate threads before the 14th to make sure I am not missing something that I should be talking with my doctor about.

Now on to the fun stuff.

Two years ago, before I did even one PE exercise, I spent a month in FL. I was amazed at the difference in flaccid size from frozen Wisconsin to the sunny hot temperature of FL. I even mentioned it to my GF, I was looking forward to prancing around naked with her in our hotel room. Fast forward two years of sporadic PE exercises, and holy cow, what a difference. Even though I am primarily interested in maintaining excellent EQ with PE, the extra size is certainly a wonderful bonus. And spending all day in the Florida heat, definitely made me a shower.

I talked her into giving me a blow job in front of a full length mirror, I have never seen my dick ‘look’ that big. What a refreshing sight from always looking down a your unit, where you suffer from ‘short sighted’ illusion. You have any size anxiety at all (I’m pretty sure all of us have a little), negotiate with your partner to perform so that you can see all the action from a different angle. In my case, at just over 6x5, it looked like she was really struggling to get a decent mouthful.


It has been a month since I/my doctor switched my BP meds to Doxazosin. Ironaddict69 is correct, at least with the flaccid hang. I gained in both girth and length by a half a inch. One of my goals with PE has been flaccid size, this is a welcome change/improvement. I am unsure whether my EQ has improved with this med, since starting PE a couple years ago, mine has been excellent, so there is not much change.

DE has improved slightly, I have added zinc to my supplements, next is Niacin, per Twats recommendation in a couple other threads. For now, everytime that I have sex without ejaculating, I am just considering it a really fun edging session.

Instead of switching meds, is there anyway you could get off the meds, via diet or exercise, etc?

Good luck with the DE. Can be really frustrating.

In 2008 I was able to reduce the hypertension meds in half, with diet, mostly quiting drinking alcohol. I’m afraid that I may be on some kind of medication for the rest of my life, both parents required them. My father did up until his passing, my 86 year old Mama, is “fit as a fiddle”, and does as well.

I am as active as 51 year olds get, I am not overweight, and I eat healthy. There is a pic in the ‘Post your full body pics’ thread, I tried to post the link, but this tablet is not letting me. Its on page number 84, post # 1254.

The DE issue is just work in progress, I will continue to post (for others to benefit) after I have given the Niacin a whirl.

Truly, thanks for the comments.

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From a computer where I am able to link another thread:

RedJr - Post full body pics here

I am not terribly out of shape, I could never run a marathon although.

I need to quit chewing tobacco, that will help as well. I know it affects EQ as well.

For at least a year after leaving my ex, I couldn’t ejaculate while having sex.

I think I was so traumatized by the relationship and the break-up and legal nightmare over custody of my children that I couldn’t relax enough.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Thanks for the thought Mr A.

I’ve have done a bunch of reading on the topic. Like in your case, many times it is physiological from what to you experienced, to fears of impregnating a woman, to many other things. The mind is a powerful organ, and it can be due to a whole variety of subconscious thoughts all rolled together.

I remember as a kid, (20 years old) I prayed for what I have now. Sometimes it’s not the best thing to get what you wish for, but I’ll still take this over shooting prematurely. Again, I think it makes for a ultimate edging session. And it takes a long time for my lady to get sore/dry, she gets very juicy. :)

I still think that it is histamine deficiency, I just haven’t been able to find Niacin with a 50mg dosage, most are 250 and more. I have some 500mg, they give me such a flush that it’s terribly uncomfortable,

Its really great to have a board/forum that you can bounce things off of.

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