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PE for Minoxidil Users

PE for Minoxidil Users

Hi There,

I’ve joined this forum as I’ve been using a topical minoxidil lotion (5%) for hair loss for about 6 years now.

During that time I’ve noticed that my penis has shrunk and my erections are a lot weaker.
I don’t get spontaneous erections or morning wood anymore.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the members of this forum have used PE to deal with this problem.
Does anyone have any advice / success stories / supplements they could share?
Did you continue to take minoxidil or decide you had to quit?


I’m not aware of any PE complications that can be attributed to minox. Perhaps others could chime in? You’re not talking about Propecia (aka finasteride), are you? Because that stuff can bring on a whole host of unwanted sexual side effects.

I’m talking about Minoxidil I’m afraid, though I share many of the same side effects with Propecia users: loss of morning erections, weak erections, wrinkled foreskin etc.

If anyone else has something similar from hair loss medication I’d be interested to know how you’re treating it!

Minoxidil shouldn’t cause any issues in that department, in fact I believe Big Pharma are trying to patent a topical minoxidil treatment for inducing erections, after some study found it more effective than topical nitroglycerin in some cases (have a search on pubmed for the study if you’re interested). After reading about this I have of course applied it to the glans and noticed some erectile response follows some time later.

Anyway, for hair loss, the amount applied topically isn’t much and far less of that get absorbed systemically.

When first dealing with my hair loss and taking medication to combat it (finasteride was what I first started using, I now use both finasteride and minoxidil) I noticed some erectile issues, but, personally I’ve put that down to ‘psychogenic’ reasons, after all self-image accounts for a lot.

Are you on any other medications? Have you tried lowering the amount of minoxidil you use?

Make sure your diet is healthy and you’re getting all the vitamins and co-factors you need - it really can make a difference.
Studies with arginine and an anti-oxidant seem to show benefit, and many users here will attest to the benefits of arginine or citrulline. They don’t compare to PDE-5 inhibitors, but can make a difference.

I’ve noticed no issues with doing PE while on minoxidil (or the rest of the things I’m on), only benefits.

Good luck.

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