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PE erection problem

PE erection problem

I’ve been doing PE for two weeks now. Haven’t seen any gains yet but wasn’t expecting any in two weeks. :) Anyways, I’m having some problems while doing my PE routine.

I keep on getting an erection while stretching and jelqing. As I’ve said before, I have a limited time to perform my PE so having an erection every two or three stretchs then having to wait for it to subside eats up a lot of time. So my question is will ythe penis “adapt” to the routine and can erections be controlled if you do PE more often?

Also, what is this Kegal excercise I keep hearing about? I know it has to do with this muslce between the anus and scrotum but I’m not quite sure where it is and what you’re suppose to do. Is there a video on this excercise?

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Use search engine: Search for *kegal* For most PE semi erect is a good thing. When you get too hard stop a couple seconds let it subside, then continue. It is much more of a problem when you can’t get semi hard.

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Please excuse my stupidity. I’ve searched high and low for Kegal/kegel in this forum but still don’t understand it. I don’t know what you’re suppose to be stretching. What is this muscle between the scrotum and anus? All I have there is a vein. Is that what I’m suppose to be stretching? Can someone kind enough draw me a simple picture to illustrate what it is?

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Thank you for your help Westla.’s internal. All that time, I thought it was something you had to excercise with your hands. :D

Stats As of Sept, 23/04 BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.5" ________ Goal BPEL: 7.5" EG: 6"

Update Feb 2006 BPEL: 6.2" EG: 4.8"

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What a fantastic little article you wrote! I managed to miss it while reading through T’s Place at the library. I didn’t sign in, so it was difficult to get myself into all of the threads. It was an informative post and brought to my attention a problem I may be having with my Kegeling.

When kegeling, I feel the contraction mostly around the anus area, and very little contraction elsewhere. I’ve also noticed that when I kegel, even for a very long time, no or little blood is pumped into my penis. I took this as a sign that blood-flow to my penis is not as it should be. I think now that I may be contracting the wrong muscle, rather than both at the same time, as most people are probably doing. I need to spend some time trying to isolate the BC muscle and coordinating myself with it. I’ve been kegeling heavily for about 11 months and have noticed very little change in the force with which I ejaculate and when I try to stop the flow of urine it still trickles for a few more seconds before it stops completely, just as it did before I began kegeling. I may be flexing the wrong muscle and, thanks to your post, I know it is something I need to address.

This may also explain why I don’t feel much of a contraction when I kegel with my finger feeling the area between my testicles and anus. Even if I’ve been kegeling wrong for nearly a year, at least I can wait a lot longer than I used to wait if I need to do number 2.

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