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PE and how to cope with the insecurity


PE and how to cope with the insecurity

Hi everyone. We’re here because we want a longer or thicker penis or both.
And many of us here have an insecurity from having a smaller or an average penis size.

However, PE requires dedication, discipline, concentration, commitment.
And I’m wondering how you guys cope with the insecurity
When you’re force to give it attention almost everyday.
It’s easier to cope when you don’t think about it.
But if you’re going to be successful in PE, that’s not an option.

Any suggestions to living a happy life and happy PEing?
Thank you!

You’ve just taken the first step - talking about it with others.

I was very insecure when I started, and as I set off on my journey, the gains were slow, and it only made me feel worse. Here there were all these people who were making gains and were very happy with themselves when I couldn’t get anything. It was very frustrating and I gave up for quite some time. When I started back up again, I made myself a promise. I would do PE every day without any expectations. I would not measure at all. I would do it just because I had the hour or two at the end of my day. I first measured after 3 months and had gained a quarter of an inch. I measured again in another 3 months and had gained another quarter of an inch. I measured 5 months later (missed a couple months), and had gained another quarter of an inch.

Low expectations, do it to do it, and don’t measure for long periods. If a routine is going to work it will take a long time to work, so there’s no reason to measure every 2 weeks, you won’t be able to see it. Likewise for those who do daily measurements.

The last time I measured, I was 1/8th” away from a full 1” gain. I’m almost positive that I’ve made the full inch by now, but I won’t measure. Every time I look down at my erect unit, I am filled with pride, even if it’s only slightly larger than average. I love how big it is now, and it will only get bigger.

So yea, don’t think about it. Just do the PE.

Dealing with insecurities is all about sharing the feeling and understanding that we have all had those experiences in one form or another, otherwise we wouldn`t be here reading and typing.

My ex constantly made me feel badly about my dick by going on about big black dicks and how that movie star`s dick must be big etc., and it wore me down to the point where I slept on the couch.

Me and my dick got better the moment I left her, and discovered Thunder`s a few months after that.

I read the articles here and got a tremendous amount of relief by reading that others had similar experiences.

Then I made the decision to begin some of the exercises posted here, and pretty soon I`d gained an inch in length, which had (and has) me strutting around like a peacock most days.

Now I`m a little down as I have plateaued since september and need to get back to the mechanical stretcher that got me this far, and today is the day!

Dealing with my insecurities is done by doing something about making my dick bigger and having this vast resourse to support me as I grow, and my goal is 8x6, which I know I will reach slowly but surely.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

In 11 days I will have one year of PE.

I won 17 mm (0;67 inches) in lenght and 8 mm (0.31 inches in girth) since I started.

If tomorrow I have more gain I will be very happy but if I can’t progress anymore, I will say to myself that I am bigger than before and that is better than nothing. I will feel happy with that.

That is the same kind of circular thinking that drunks and fat people use. I drink to forget…to forget that I drink! I am depressed because I am a big fat blob. Eating junk food makes me feel better!

The thing that you need to come to terms with is that you are actually expending way more energy pretending their isn’t a problem than it would take to fix the problem.

24/7/365 you are forcing your self to think around the elephant in your mind. Do it long enough and the elephant has babies and shits on everything as well.

Now you can’t even think about why you are fat and out of shape. You can’t go to the gym because guys might see your pathetic baby dick in the locker room. Can’t even work out at home because then you might think about why you can’t go to the gym.

You can’t date because eventually they will wonder why you are afraid of sex. Time passes and you can’t even talk to women because they might become interested in you. More time passes and you can’t even go where women might be present. Because even if you ignore them they might talk to you. And just think where that could lead!

Find a way. Nobody can do it for you. Take 1% of the energy you are spending every day on denial and break out of that circle.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Just knowing that you have a degree of control, and that you are not ‘stuck’ with things as they are, that should do a lot to straighten out your head.

But it’s going to take a while, so until you get over it [and with any luck one day you will] just keep working at it, gently and know that this too shall pass.

One of the very best things anyone who’s in the middle of a shitshow can do is to start working out— the simple act of self determination and self care do wonders for the psyche.

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Originally Posted by NavyBike09

Any suggestions to living a happy life and happy PEing?
Thank you!

I firmly believe that happiness and contentment are choices. We choose to get up in the morning and make the best day that we can. Or we choose to let the day control us and we have a crappy day. We choose to do PE and make our dicks, and along the way, ourselves, the best we can be. Or we choose to settle for what we’ve got, even though it we’re dissatisfied with it, and hide in a corner and hate life. Possibly and oversimplification, but the reality is, you’re in charge. Just do it! We’re all here to help you, and encourage you, and help you learn, but ultimately the choice to take advantage of all that life has to offer is yours. Good luck!

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Thank you so much everyone for your thoughts. I really need them right now.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
What’s the nature of your insecurity? Are you talking about size anxiety?

Yes, it’s the size.

Any more thoughts?

Thank you in advance.

I remember that before I knew that PE existed I thought to myself that if only there was some way for me to make my dick bigger by slowly working at it I would consider that such a huge gift, no matter how long it took. I also remember thinking to myself that if I was ever 6.5” I would be satisfied. The moral of the story is that the fact that PE even exists is a HUGE gift and if you earn the dick you know you deserve you will appreciate it more.

Started May 2010- 5.9 BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

January 18, 2011- 7.0 inches/17.7cm BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

Goals- 8.0nbp X some more base girth

I actually feel really good. I wish my girth was more, but I’m not ashamed of it. I know women have enjoyed it and will continue to. I just do this because I’m able to, not because I require it. I also am not required to go to the gym or study or anything else, but they are accomplishments I enjoy and unfortunately I blow up my schedule with them.

Originally Posted by NavyBike09
Any more thoughts?
Thank you in advance.

I wonder if maybe you are not as small as you think you are? Lots of us do not have a good sense of our own size, especially when we are younger and do not have any or much sexual experience.

For example I am a grower, not a shower. As a teenager, I did not understand this. So when I was in gym class in the locker room, I assumed that the guys with big flaccids got three times bigger when they were erect just like I did.


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