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PE and how to cope with the insecurity


This is what I call the dark side of PE. Some people get caught too deep into the penis size obsession. Of course this happens when you PE everyday, visit TP everyday and think about penis size everyday, you get obsessed by it and it will consume you if you are not careful.

If you can fully accept what you have and live in peace with it, only then you are ready to PE in a healthy psychological way.

I have started PE knowing it will take a long time, you really have to incorporate it into your lifestyle. I do a lot of working out and fitness training, so I have just incorporated into that, I am not one of these people who joins the gyms for a couple of months then gets bored, I really enjoy exercise and will keep it up til my body allows me to do so.

For me, PE is just an extension of this. Another part of my body of which I am looking after its well being. I am only a beginner but have already noticed increased EQ. So I would advise people to focus on the health benefits of PE, and to take it easy at first!! Rather than getting too hung up about size and the psychological effects of what women want.

Starting stats: 6" BPEL/5" EG

First Goal: 7" BPEL/5.5-6" EG

Other goals: Increased sensitivity


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