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Do any of you fine gentlemen ever get paranoid about breaking your dick while performing PE? I am not trying to start an argument war about whether or not PE is legitimate. I have lurked on this site for quite some time and have concluded that PE is both realistic and attainable. However, I am a very cautious person who understands the serious risks involved. Safety first is my motto. I just started a light version of the newbie routine a week ago. Let me elaborate. I start with a thorough warm up. I have no problems with stretching. Those are my favorite by far. However, when it comes to the jelqing, I feel like I am being way too cautious. I have experimented with jelqing for the last few months, but I always catch myself getting worried that I am going to break my penis. For the record, I only do it with barely a 50% erection and I use a lot of lube. I do not think I have ever gone past 50 jelqs in one sitting. I have taken a three day break just to play it safe. My manhood still works fine. Unfortunately, I feel like I am not getting the full benefits of jelqing because I am not doing enough of them in one sitting. I want to do the proper amount of jelqs but my paranoia is holding me back from doing so. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you to relax and realize that it is not as dangerous as you thought it was? Does this make sense or am I a paranoid android?

Being cautious isn’t a bad thing. With more time and practice, you should begin to recognize PI’s. Conversely, if you are not correctly doing PE, or overdoing it, you will see negative indicators, like poor EQ. “Listen” to your penis, most of all.

While I am doing PE, I am not having paranoid thoughts, I am focusing on the task, focused on lengthening, strengthening and fattening up the penis. I envision moving the blood around, expanding CC’s, and growing.

I just look for the PI and advance the routine carefully. You should start with the linear routine, it progresses slowly rather that with the newbie routine

Starting 20/02/2013: NBPEL 6 inches; EG 5,85 inches

Current : 7.2 NBPEL

Second Goal : NBPEL 8 inches; EG 6 inches

Don’t be shy to jelq your guy! I was to begin with now I’m up to 17 minutes of jelqing while still in my first month of PE. I haven’t measured yet but it seems bigger and my EQ is much improved already. If it feels a bit tender afterwards I just take an extra day off. The linear routine seems really cautious with a very slow and steady progression, so if your following that I imagine you have nothing at all to worry about. If your only stretching and jelqing lightly I imagine your wasting your time. If you think that the action of masturbation is quite a similar exertion to your penis as PEing lightly, and I presume that hasn’t given you any growth over the years. Also I think that if you’re not achieving greater EQ, its not working at all, but I’m new to all of this myself so it’s just a layman’s opinion . GL

Thank you for the input, guys. You have inspired me to get with the program and jelq properly! And I will check out the linear routine for sure. I do have one more thing though. Do any of you incorporate edging after you jelq? There have been times where I couldn’t help but edge after a stretching and jelqing session and my penis has never looked better. It seems like a good idea to me. Thoughts?

Well I’ve read that its best not to cum after your PE session, and I’ve only given in to temptation and done it once. But I’ve also read that it doesn’t matter weather you do or not (so much conflicting advice about PE). Also as well as reading the linear routine, check out the video demos that are on here. The guy in the them seems to be squeezing and stretching really hard! So hard his hand is shaking from the strain. I don’t do it that hard, just till I feel the stretch at the base, and for jelqing till it feels like I’ve trapped the blood and can sort of feel it getting pushed up along the shaft. It’s like trying to describe the colour red to a man that was born blind, to explain things like this because everything is relative to the individual, if you know what I mean? Anyway I think I’m doing right but I’ll need to keep it up for a few months and see what the tape measure says.

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