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Generic Drug Delivery Paranoia


Generic Drug Delivery Paranoia

I’ve ordered generic Viagra three times. Twice from India and once from England.

The first time the generics were delivered the postman just tucked them into my mailbox.

The second time the postman pulled into my driveway in a van and I had to sign for the delivery. I was convinced that as soon as I signed the paper DEA agents were going to burst out of the van. (Paranoid? Me?) That didn’t happen, but I was still kind of shaken.

The third time I ordered (from England) the package was delivered to my local post office and I was given a notice that I had to appear in person to sign for the package.

My supply is running kind of low and it is getting time for me to place another order. However, I am apprehensive about ordering.

Has anyone else had anything like this? When the generics are delivered, what is the methods that are normally used?

Also, these items have to go through Customs and I understand that if they are seized that I am out my generics and my money. But, what actions does Customs take then? Put me on a watch list? Open an investigation? Kick in my door at 4AM?

Please let me know what your experiences have been when ordering generics. And, if you can recommend a site or company that ships with out all this cloak and dagger stuff.



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Originally Posted by ytownman
But, what actions does Customs take then? Put me on a watch list? Open an investigation? Kick in my door at 4AM?

My understanding is that they run your picture on the 10 O’clock news.

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This is generic Viagra, not cocaine, I’m sure they couldn’t care less.

The most that they would do would seize them at customs and send you a letter in the mail notifying you why your package was seized.

I did a quick crawl for “online pharmacy prescription” and found quite a few sites that claim to be forums where people help each other out with advise, reviewing online pharmacies, etc. Now all the ones I found were membership sites but I’ll bet free ones exist. If nobody provides a link and you can’t find a free one on your own you might want to consider a pay forum of this type. It would depend on if you are spending a lot of $ buying meds on line.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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The google groups site for ED is basically dedicated to this topic (ie. How and where to get meds). Check it out.


I posted there a few times, the attitude seems to be you can (a) change your diet, take lots of supplements, don’t drink coffee, etc. Or (b) just take a pill. From following that site for a while I never once heard of PE as a means to improve erection quality. In the 6 weeks since starting PE, though, I’ve noticed precisely that it is GREAT for increasing erections. Maybe someone should tell them :)


I had the same concerns about ordering drugs online. This thread should provide you everything you need to know:

generic viagra - basic customs question

Liquid C

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Hey ytownman — I grew up in nearby Salem. Still visit every once in a while.

I have ordered from IRX Pharm. ( in India and waited almost 45 days and saw no goods, I contacted them and they sent more out for free (actually sent a batch of 30 out one day and another 30 a few days later (paperwork mistake I think)). I got the first reorder 10 days after contacting them, the next reorder 3 days after that and then 1 week later the original package showed up with a FDA Inspected and Customs sticker on it showing the release date.

I opened this envelope and they did not open the vacuum package that they were shipped in. All packages were delivered by the post office and had to be signed for. (My wife signed for them and after the 3rd package, the mailman said to her - ‘You must be important’ - If only he knew… or does he? :)

I actually got a great deal - ~$58 for 90 pills (100mg) and all it cost me was my name on the FBI, CIA, FDA, Bush Family, and any other government agency’s watch list.

I better go - I think I hear the black helicopters hovering over my house.

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Ytownman, you still with us?

Damn. I think we scared the guy off. Ytownman, if you are still lurking we’re only fucking with you. The biggest fear you should have about ordering generic drugs online is getting ripped off or poisoned. I’d be more concerned about that, but that’s me. I do know for a fact that the generic Calis pills are practically worthless. The generic Viagra works, although nowhere near as well as the brand name. The liquid products work extremely well, if fact a little too well. I honestly believe the Liquid C from kitsnmore may very well have something else in it other than Tadalifil, but what ever it is it works. If you check out Dino’s generic drug thread especially the last few pages you will be better informed, and maybe even more paranoid, but at least your paranoia will be about stuff that matters, like does this stuff have cocaine it it (:

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Listen Al Capone, I know you feel like you are about to be seen on America’s most wanted, but you are talking about a violation that no one gives a shit about, even less so than a speeding ticket.
Grow some balls and go sign for your package. If anyone gives you shit just look at it as an opportunity to go to court and pull an Al Pachino…

“Your out of order!!”

( I once ordered generic Cialis from India and Customs caught it. They sent it back to India. The drug guys in India sent me a nice letter saying how customs was really being a pain in the ass these days, and would I like them to try again, in less conspicuous packaging. I said sure, and the package arrived no problem).

I have smuggled these drugs and others across the border at Nogales, Tijuana, Agua Prieta etc. I never got caught, but heard they just take it away from you if you do get caught.
Believe me, Customs and the border patrol is so overwhelmed with illegal aliens and tons of cocaine and terrorists etc, they don’t look twice at you at the border if you are a white man. They don’t care what’s in your pocket, because no matter what it is, the quantity is too small to worry about.
The border crossing and highway stops on this side of Nogales have nuclear radiation detectors now. That is the kind of shit they are worried about, and rightly so, not your erection problems.

If they locked you up for receiving generic viagra/cialis from the mail I would be under the jail.I get mine from an e-mail friend that does not have a site he ships them media mail in a cd case, customs never stops them.Kitsnmore is a great source for liquid and powder they are in the u.s so no customs problems also check out is a good site(in the U.S.) and adguys is another good source.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Damn. I think we scared the guy off.

No, not scared off just yet.

Thanks for all of the great info guys! I guess I was just being “overly cautious”. I know all of these items are supposedly “federally controlled” and I was just kind of freaked out about the way these things were being delivered to me. First with just dropping it in the mailbox, then postman at the door and finally having to show up at the post office.

When I was 19 I used to work for a tyrant of a prick, I’ll call him Mr Davis (because that was his name). He had the people skills of Snidely Whiplash, Satan and Hitler all rolled into one and his favorite saying was “Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.” I guess a bit of that rubbed off.

I imagined myself in jail with 100 new tabs of generic viagra and a leering cellmate named Bruno banging away at my starfish for four hours at a time. (99 tabs of V in the cell. Oh no, not again!! 98 tabs of V)

Thanks again guys! I’ll be placing my order soon :)

Ytownman (Al-Qaeda-of-Cock)

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Originally Posted by ytownman

I imagined myself in jail with 100 new tabs of generic viagra and a leering cellmate named Bruno banging away at my starfish for four hours at a time. (99 tabs of V in the cell. Oh no, not again!! 98 tabs of V)

:rolling: You’ve got a good sense of humor, Ytownman, I hope we’ll see you around here more :)

Originally Posted by ytownman
No, not scared off just yet.

The delivery depends on the sender. Either they will require a signature or not, and whether you go to the post office depends on if you are at home when the delivery is attempted. It is a little scary going to the post office the first time, I admit. ;)

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