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Pain in the gland area

Pain in the gland area

I don’t know if I’m grabbing my penis correctly when I do my strecthes but after a week of PE I started to feel pain in the head of my penis. It feels kinda sore and sharp usually when I have an erection. What am I doing wrong and should I continue with my normal routine.

How do you grip?

An overhand OK is a good grip. Adding pressure from the sides as much as possible.

Give it a few days of rest mate (or however long it may take). Your penis probably needs some rest after trying to adjust to maybe overdoing your routine a bit.


I’ve waited until the pain resided and I started my newbie routine again. After about three days the pain came back again. I have no idea why it’s hurting. Can it be my grip? I think I’m gripping correctly I just don’t understand why the pain came back. BTW it’s in the head of my area and can it be from jelqing incorrectly?

I had some pain at first. It felt like it was on one side near the head but turned out to be referred from the base.

Go easy. Don’t pull very hard. Take enough time off between sessions for any discomfort to go away completely, even if the breaks are much longer than commonly recommended.

I couldn’t PE very often during the first couple months and wondered if I’d even be able to PE at all. I think I only did about 6 sessions my first month. Later the mysterious pain went away and never returned.

Awesome good to hear. I think I’m going to take your advice and take longer between sessions.

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