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Pain in glans

Pain in glans

Hello everybody,

After my last stretching-session, I felt a sharp pain at a particular place on my glans. It’s a part in the beginning of the glans, where the shaft meets the glans. ( Sorry for the bad explanation)It hurts when I press that part of my glans. It’s a small part, but it hurts though. Is my grip too tight, or what could cause this?

Is it on the top, bottom or sides of your glans?

A ligament connects the glans to the CC’s. You probably strained it. Take time off until it feels fine, then don’t stretch so hard.

Originally Posted by firegoat
Is it on the top, bottom or sides of your glans?

It is on the bottom of my glans, on the right side. I’ve had this pain before, I just hope that I didn’t damaged anything. I do not have the feeling that I’m pulling too hard.

And you can even get this pain with an extender or ADS.. Or by unluckily grabbing your dick for stretching (eg. your grip slipped and suddenly you were holding it right below the glans).

Usually (yeah I’m an expert in dickslipping thanks to being uncut ;) ).. usually it takes 1.5-2 weeks to heal. Probably 1.5 month if you wanna make sure.


Try putting ice on it 2x a day for 5-7 minutes. Put some thin cloth over the area before applying the ice; you don’t want it to stick! Do that until you have no more pain. Stop all stretching until fully healed. If jelqing doesn’t cause pain you can do some light jelqs, but stop before the injured area.

Do let it fully heal before starting full PE again; these sorts of injuries can recur easily if they are not allowed to heal fully. If you let it heal fully, you probably won’t get any more problems with it. When you do start stretching again, take it easy for a while.


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