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Overstretched penis now hard flaccid


Overstretched penis now hard flaccid


The following happened 3 days ago.

I was stretching my flaccid penis towards my belly button while seated. While I held it in the stretch it suddenly overextended by what felt like an inch. I felt no pain but the penis immediately retracted and I felt a massive release of adrenaline or hormones or something which led to a full blown panic attack.

Now my flaccid penis feels hard and dense throughout most of the day, sometimes spongy and sometimes soft. I feel like I have a hormonal imbalance now or something and have only just got my anxiety/panic attacks under control (the feeling that I’ve screwed my penis for life is not fun). Each night I have woken up with a weak erection, but nothing during the day.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! What do you think I’ve done and should it heal with rest?

Thanks guys.

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Does it still work? Do you get a normal erection? What I mean by “normal” is normal for you. Assuming you did prior to this, do you still wake up with morning wood. That is always a good indicator if things are mechanically sound. If there is any doubt go see a Doctor.

Do not take Life too seriously, You will never get out Alive !

It is the anxiety. Calm down you broke nothing.

Thanks for your replies. I have calmed my nerves down and feel back to my old self. However I still have hard flaccid throughout the day, especially when standing and in showers. I’m seeing a doctor today just to be safe. I still don’t get erections during the day but am not trying. I got another hard on last night so fingers crossed everything heals up OK in the short-term.

Never heard of anyone reporting a major injury from manual stretches. I don’t think you are so unlucky to be the first on 177,000 members.

I have had a similar experience when I started with stretching. Just give yourself a week off. I find the unit does feel that way at times it has been over worked.

Kinda sounds like a big ol’ lig pop. That can cause a feeling of a length increase as the tissues re-align. It can also cause a trauma response, at least in me.

I used to fear the lig pop, now I would relish it. Things have changed in there.


It would be wise to see a physician, especially if you are experiencing any pain, in the meantime, did you take note of the:
1- time it occurred
2- pain presence/absence, and
A- the intensity, degree or level,
B- type: was it burning, tearing, continuous, intermittent, etc.
3- swelling/inflammation
4- tactile (touch) sensitivity:
A- can you distinguish hot/cold
B- 2-point discrimination-can you differentiate between, e.g., 2 toothpicks at, say, 2mm as opposed to a single toothpick
C- light touch sensation
5- ROM (Range Of Motion): Can you move your penis through all the normal angles?
A- note: pain/absence, and
B- the degree or level,
C- type: burning, tearing, etc.
D- is it reasonably deformable? Note: pain/absence,
6- appearance: bruises, pale, discoloration, etc.
7- any change in size, shape, etc.
8- any peculiar or abnormal family history of
Extremely loose joints, hyperelastic skin that bruises easily, and easily damaged blood vessels. Double-jointedness
9- are you currently on any medication(s), vitamins
10- are you urinating as usual, I.e., no burning, pain, etc.
11- is the color of your urine as usual or pinkish (bleeding)

Based on your description, it sounds like
1- a severe musculo-ligamental sprain/strain, possibly grade III (complete ligamental rupture, possibly the suspensory ligament, and/or possibly the fundiform ligament)

In any case, I’m sure your doctor will order an:
1- MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in order to to produce detailed images of your internal structures, and visualize any damage to your ligaments.
2- Urinalysis to check for any occult bleeding

He/she might recommend:
1- complete rest, of the penis, for an indefinite period,
2- anti-inflammatory, analgesic, e.g., ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, etc.
3- hot fomentation, cold compresses
4- IR (infrared) light therapy, 15 min at 15 inches or more distance from the skin
5- Ultrasound therapy,
6- Vitamins and minerals (zinc), and additional vitamin C and B, protein (milk and especially eggs are great sources), etc.
7- Gentle massage to stimulate blood, and lymph flow.

Worst scenario:
Surgically indicated repair of extensive internal organ damage.

Best scenario:
You’ve discovered a radical, new PE procedure to release the suspensory and fundiform ligaments in order to increase the length of the penis through manual manipulation. If you do, don’t forget to share the exact, and precise details with the rest of us.

My recommendation:
1- ease your conscience: schedule an appointment with your doctor.
2- if you believe (as I do) in God the Creator, say a prayer and trust in Him, then when you are completely healed, give Him His due glory, honor, and praise.
3- if you don’t happen to believe in God, good luck, and please let us know how things turn out.
4- don’t worry or panic.

Doesn’t sound as a ligament rupture at all and he hasn’t any pain. Let’s stop doing the amateurish Physicians please.

Just got back from the doc. He said everything is fine. Although he didn’t seem to listen to me when I said the flaccid was hard he thought I was just slightly aroused and wouldn’t hear any of it. Thanks for all the responses guys.

I’ll see how it is in 1-2 weeks. I’ll treat it as a strain and cross my fingers it repairs itself over the coming weeks.

My only other symptom is that if I kegel it feels funny like an odd sensation - any ideas?

Boardlogon - I hope you are right and it is only minor like you experienced - care to describe exactly what happened to you?

Maldonaldo - What happened to make your lig pop / what were the sensations you felt?

Whoa! You, must have been doing some hard stretching. Do you still have that 1” gain .

Hi guys,

I just tried a strong kegel and got a sharp pain shoot up my body - any ideas what would cause this? I can do weak kegels.

Considering that you were stretching upwards, felt a snap, and the fact that it hurts to kegel, it sounds to me like you may have strained a muscle in your pelvic floor. This could easily account for the hard flaccid, as well.
Can you locate the pain you get from kegels exactly? Try probing around with your fingers and see if you’re sore anywhere.

(I’m not pretending to be a doctor, just thinking out loud)

The pain was between anus and balls somewhere, I can’t locate it with my fingers. I’ve just bought some non steroidal anti inflammatory tablets. I’m thinking since it feels weird to kegel and if I do it hard it hurts that there is some damage in there and possible inflammation. The hard flaccid I am hoping is just a symptom of what’s going on inside. So I will take the tablets for a week and if no progress I will see another doctor. At least now I can refer to some actual pain that occurred on the inside that suggests something is wrong.

On top of this I am taking lots of green tea and trying to chill out. A close family member knows about it so I’m not going through it alone :)

If anyone has had or heard of something similar occurring and might know what is going on let me know!

Thanks for the input Serenity - Here’s hoping it’s just a strain!! I wouldn’t wish the experience on my worst enemy.

A quick update: Today my penis has only been hard flaccid before and after a shower. For the remainder of time it has been in an inflated puffy kind of state which is hard to describe - anyone heard of this? (My night/morning wood also feels inflated and puffy, far from hard). It feels far from normal but doesn’t freak me out like hard flaccid state does. This could be a direct result of the anti inflammatory tablets I am taking. I have felt uneasy sensations occur occasionally from the kegel area a few times today. I will use those and my penis as indicators of my recovery progress. I believe the penis changes are a direct result of internal pelvic floor issues which are currently being addressed by my body (I.e. Fixing up any tears). I think a major milestone I have crossed is the belief that I will get better and my body is dealing with it. I will continue to post my progress as I recover for anyone in the future who suffers a similar accident, and so people can offer advise if they have it.

I welcome feedback! :)

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