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Overstretched penis now hard flaccid


I have a question: did you Kegel’ while stretching?

Hi Marinera. No I didn’t Kegel while stretching.

I did not read your accout carefully. If you were pulling upward, it isn’t the “lig pop” I described.

A lig pop is just a sudden re-alignment of the tissues during a downward stretch. Nothing really “pops”, but it feels strange and alarming the first time. You can feel the ligs rolling around if you move from side to side while pulling down, and it’s easy to imagine the reason for the pop.

What’s intersting is when something “pops” when you are not moving around, only pulling in one direction. It would seem this indicates lengthening.


Hi guys here’s an update:

Today is 1 week and 1 day since the injury. I have been on Ibuprofen for 4 days.

1. I have noticed a reduction of the duration of hard flaccid which is now occurring during and after showers and after doing a number 2.
2. The penis itself is not as dark and dead-like as it was the first few days.
3. It is not as ‘inflated and spongy’ like it was when I first started the Ibuprofen.
4. I still feel uneasy when I try a light kegel or if I arrange myself while seated in a way that causes my bum cheeks to separate with moderate force.
5. I’m still getting night wood however they are not 100% and are a bit spongy.

I’ll stop taking the Ibuprofen tomorrow and see what happens. Since the accident I have left the little guy alone. Although I occasionally feel down about the symptom I am not getting any anxiety or panic attacks and my hormones feel normal. I’ll be starting a meditation and stretching routine to encourage the muscles down there to relax. It does appear that there is some healing happening which is great albeit slower than I’d like ;) .

Any advice / encouragement / questions are welcome!


Here’s a similar story. When I was a teenager I experienced a ligament pop before I had ever heard of them and immediately thought I must have broken or torn something. This was during stretching I would do, simply because it felt good and before I was even aware of PE techniques.

It terrified me and left me in constant panic mode which caused an inability to become aroused or even imagine an erection without fear. Of course I thought my world was over, but after a little research and education about my situation I was able to put my mind at ease. The point is, the anxiety alone caused my ailments and everything quickly went back to normal after I calmed down.

This is just my opinion, but if you aren’t in pain beyond a little soreness, I don’t think there’s really much to worry about. I don’t think it would be possible to have caused extensive or permanent damage without a good amount of pain.

I have been doing PE with hanging and I noticed when I go up in weight I get that nice feeling not quite orgasmic but slightly in that type of feeling. Then it happens he next day or week the girl I am seeing wants to get together and we do but I don’t get a full hard erection it is like 70-80% feel a bit spongy. But after a week or two it comes back and I have full erections that feel harder and stronger. Maybe by stretching your breaking yourself down so that you heal longer and it takes time 2-weeks to heal. I don’t know but this has happened to me several times now as I go up in weight.

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Hi guys here’s my progress.

As my pelvic floor muscle (whichever one was injured) heals, my penis is becoming more normal. I haven’t noticed a bad hard flaccid for a few days. The worst it’s been is a dense sponge. After a week’s rest I went back to my normal routine and began working out again (not PE), which is a great release for me. I won’t count my chicken’s before their hatched though. I reckon in 2 weeks it will seem like a dream, I mean NIGHTMARE!! I am using it as a learning experience that was a wake up call to get in tune with my body - I won’t be PE’ing again but wish all you guys the best of luck and growth. I will update again in 2 weeks to say whether I am back to my old self officially.

Peace guys. Thanks for all the comments, they really were a great help!


1. I had a wet dream a few nights ago so thankfully I know officially everything is working.
2. I’m getting hard flaccid only during the intense stages of my workouts and it only lasts for the duration of heart racing.
3. It doesn’t become hard flaccid while on toilet or in shower any more, but may firm up a bit on toilet.
4. I obtained a spontaneous erection on the bus 2 days ago while a chick was rubbing against me.
5. I can stimulate myself to a 90-100% erection level and when it subsides I don’t get hard flaccid - maybe 1/3 HF.
6. My insides are still not healed - maybe another few weeks. If it was a strain then 2 - 6 weeks is generally normal for healing time.

I have trouble determining what is normal flaccid now lol, but I do know when I am unsure of whether I am HF it is not HF because you ‘just know’ when you have it. Like catching a fish - you’ll know when you have one.


Consider yourself sort of lucky. There was a group of us on here a while back that all suffered from hard flaccid and some unusual changes to our units. It was very depressing. I don’t know how everyone else is doing, but I am doing a lot better now. The pelvic floor seemed to be key to many of our cases in the physical sense. Massage the pelvic floor and stretch a lot. Stretch the hamstrings and groins like crazy. I would also avoid heavy workouts for a while.

This same issue really caused me some severe anxiety a couple of years ago. The key was to start by having a positive thought process. Do not think about it at all if possible. Pick up a new hobby and absolutely avoid checking it every few minutes.

My injury is the reason I stopped PE and will never do it again. It was almost life altering in a way. I determined I would rather have a slightly below average sized penis that works than one that I constantly try to make bigger and risk it not working. Even though I know I am a little below average size wise, I have found that so few girls care about it that it is not worth damaging your penis over. Out of the 15 that have seen my penis or touched it or whatever, not a single one ever mentioned the size as being a problem.

Good luck with your recovery and good luck to everyone else here with their gains. I was angry and bitter when I first got injured and sometimes still am upset when I think of the pelvic tension that hurts sometimes that seemed to occur at the same time as my hard flaccid, but I think it is good that this community exists for those who wish to feel better about themselves and gain more confidence.

A more important question, ” Other than those effects you are referring to, Does it still work when you need it ?”

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Clearly we are all kinda guessing as to what happened …

The doctor (who is making an only-slightly-more-informed guess) did not see cause to worry … so that’s a good sign.

You are self medicating with Anti-Inflammation drugs … seems harmless but I doubt that it will change much. If you are going to self-medicate … I suggest alcohol … that will probably be more effective in helping you to relax a bit.

My thought is that you should settle into the idea that the resolution to this issue is going to be “give it some time”. If you look back at all of the old “Oh my GOD …I broke my dick” threads, you will likely see that the problem took time to resolve itself and that amount of time was usually about 6 weeks.

Leave your dick alone for 6 weeks

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