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Outline of what to do

Outline of what to do

Hey guys,
Another day another question..

So I’ve been doing the beggineer routine and it’s feelin good. Just wondering how long do I do this beginner routine for? Is it until my gains stop? Also as I progress with the routine, can I use it 2x a day? So say like as of right now I do, stretches and jelqs, in a couple of weeks could I do these 2x a day? Can someone tell me what they did along the way, to kind of help me? So I don’t “hurt” my self or my gains by rushing anything. Tell me your outline of PE?



If you continue to gain from a newbie routine then there is no point as to why you need to switch to something else.

Doing it twice a day may not be good since you won’t have enough time to recover between sessions. Besides you will probably increase the intensity of your routine as you go along (more jelqing/stretching).

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my outline would really suck- but here are some pointers (4 and 5 address your question)

1- stay positive

2- take pictures, or at very least very good measurements so you will KNOW that you have gained- I think it’s easy for your mind to adjust to the gains so even when you get them you don’t “see” them unless you have proof.

3- learn to measure properly, I still wonder is some of my gains came from learning to measure properly.

4- don’t go overboard- you are right on with your thought of doing the newbie routine till gains stop- A lot of people theorize that if you don’t get all the gains you can from your routine and move on to more intense routines you will actually miss out on the gains from the easier routine. E.g.- you do the beginner routine and gain .25 inches then switch routines before you get all the gains from that one (lets say you could have got .50). and then up your routine and get another .25 inches with the more intense routine and again switch before seeing all the gains (again lets say .50) you can’t go back to the newbie routine and the second routine and get that additional .50 gains. So from a purely Lazy(lazy meaning less time and effort) approach it’s better to get all the gains you can before moving on.

5-Slow and steady gets the Penis- see 4.

6-Don’t go overboard- you only have one penis and a small functional penis beats a big broken penis any day of the week.

7-Learn PE- Read thunders and do searches on any subject you have questions about. If you can’t find an answer start a new thread, odds are someone else has the same question and someone here has the answers, or at least thoughts on the subject.

8-Good luck and welcome to Thunders.


Thanks for that,

Anyone else?

The first couple of weeks, I sticked exactly to the Newbie Routine. Then I started to make the stretching and jelqing sessions a bit longer. Now, maybe once a month, I add something new, like a new technique, or a different way of doing things, or a different amount, to keep it more interesting.

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Hey LTB,

Tough question really. And one that only your body will be able to answer. I know we hate hearing that, but most of the time that is the case. I do a short stretch session and jelq session 4x a day, With a long stretch session some squeezes and bends during my night session right before bed. I do this 6 days a week. So as you can see I just contradicted Sparky91’s advice. Is he wrong? No. Am I wrong? No. We are just different. I am seeing great results from my routine and I am sure he is seeing results from his. For some rest is essential for their routine to work, for others it is not as important.

To answer your question, as long as you are seeing gains don’t change anything. If you feel your gains have stopped and you have reached a small plateau, I think adding another session would be fine. You really just need to be sensitive to your units condition. If my flaccid hang is smaller and my morning wood is weak or non existent then I know I did too much the day before. That is how I adjust my routine. So if you get to the point where you want to change things then try adding a second routine. If your body reacts negatively to that then try adding to your current session and continue to do one a day. It’s really a trial and error thing.

Hope I haven’t confused you more. Good luck.



Here is my outline for PE, as of today:

1. Read, read, and read thunders, go all the way back and read threads that are relevant to you. You’ll probably find many answers there. Look for posts from one who goes by uc61la, he has good advice.

2. Patience—we all, especially me, want our gains now!! But we must wait it out and be consistent over time.

3. Due to my hectic life and 2 small kids/wife at home, I must break my sessions up throughout the day.

4. I do 2 main sessions during the day—early AM and before my shower in the PM.

5. AM session is usually dry jelqs—10 to 15 minutes—strokes are 3 or 4 seconds each. I complete the workout with 5 uli’s—lasting up to 30 seconds each. Before this session I’ll warm up my dong and do 3 stretches, either straight up or straight out, that last 90 seconds each.

6. For my PM session I repeat the above, although I may do wet jelqs instead of dry. Stretching routine is the same.

7. In the shower or right after, since my piece is warmed up, I’ll do another couple of my 90 second stretches.
8. Every bathroom break during the day, I’ll do 25 dry jelqs and a 30 sec. stretch.

I haven’t figured this whole thing out but I just read a lot and do what I can without injuring myself. I would also encourage you to not obsess over all this PE stuff. Just do the exercises as part of your daily routine—kinda like you would if you go running or lift weights during the week. Do it with an attitude of expectancy. I expect to have some growth and I’m confident that it will happen. Play to win.

That advice from raw power is well worth taking in. It shows a normal balanced attitude to PE fitting it in with daily routines without going too much over the top.
That more relaxed frame of mind might be the secret of significant gains. Who knows.

Stick at it lovinthebeach5 - be patient.


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Thanks everybody, I always do this though with everything I do. Map out what I am supposed to do and then do it, and this is one of the first things that I can’t do that.

So with everything said, gains will come as long as you stick with it.

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