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Only getting bpel change


Only getting bpel change

Hey all,

I’m just getting started in my quest for a few extra inches (first to my penis, then to my self esteem by proxy!) - and am in the process of putting together a routine that works comfortably for me and my schedule.

I’ve been jelqing fairly regularly for maybe 2 months, 3-4x a week, usually for 20-30 minutes.

I haven’t been sure if I’ve been doing it right, because it seems no matter how hard I squeeze or pull, I’m not getting the ‘red dots’ or feeling that I ‘worked out’ my penis like I’ve heard described here. It becomes swollen, like an edema temporarily, as if it were in a pump, which of course fades away after a bit. But that’s about it. No other soreness or skin discolorations really.

So I guess that’s one concern is that, if I’m NOT getting some of these reactions, does that mean I’m not doing something strong enough? Do I need to be more erect? I try to do it at about half mast, but I mean it’s not exactly an exact science.

But my main question is - I DID notice what appears to be some gains, which I’m VERY excited about!

Problem is, they only seem to exist BPEL. So, while before when I pushed that ruler down hard and pulled as hard as I could, I could barely get to 6”, and now I’m pushing 6.5”, it feels GREAT.. But when I’m just fully erect, there’s no change at all. Whether BP or not, unless I press the ruler to the bone and actively pull and stretch it out, that extra .5” or so doesn’t exist.

My question is, for those who have experienced permanent real gains, is this the ‘first step’? Does it mean that erect gains without traction are coming next? Are there others who have experienced gains only when stretching it out and not when you just get hard?

It’s an ego boost seeing me push past that 6” mark, but doesn’t do me much good if it doesn’t have any functional changes.

Any shared experience or advice would be appreciated!


As far as jelqing, what technique are you using? When I first started, I used the 2-hand C grip that is shown at the end of the dry jelq video. It worked awesome for a couple weeks, but then I didn’t get the same “pump” that I was getting. I switched to an overhand grip, and make sure after each stroke that you loosen the grip at the underside of your penis so you can kegel in lots of blood and get a nice “pump”. I’ve never gotten the red dots on my glans but I know I have more girth after jelqing because I can feel it in my hands. I have always gotten large purple dots on my shaft, which means I am doing it at too high of an erection. Increase your erection gradually until you get small dots.

As far BPEL gains and not gaining with NBPEL, I have the same thing as you. I don’t know what causes it, or if we are doing anything wrong, but I don’t worry about it. I just push the fat pad back when I masturbate, and I get to enjoy the BP version of myself.

If your BPEL is up, you have reason to rejoice. A gain is a gain, and most guys measure gains by BPEL. The fact that you’re not getting red dots or other negative side effects is another reason to rejoice. You certainly don’t need those negative side effects in order to gain. In fact, the goal is to avoid them.

Keep on plugging (or pulling). Eventually, you’ll probably see other measures of gains coming up as well.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I know how you feel Hoping4Change. I too was hoping for some sort of injury(ok, maybe not an injury but some sign) so that I know I was doing my PE “right”. Since I wasn’t getting any results it would have been nice to know that something was happening to my penis.

Like you I just had my second “real” measurement today and to my shock I found out that I had grown 1.6cm BPFSL and 1.2cm BPEL. But to my surprise my non-bone pressed length’s had shrunk, around 0.1-0.3cm.

Back on topic. Today I slipt while doing my BTC stretch. Causing an extreme stretch or something. After my workout I noticed I had a purple/redish bruise, approx. 2-3mm width x height, and got petrified. I spent 5-6 hours today reading through the injury section on the forum. I have calmed down now and decided to take a 1-2 day break from PE. But my point is don’t wish for injury’s to happen if your not gaining any length. Injury’s don’t mean your doing it right, it means your doing it wrong or overdoing it.

Ill add a question, are there people that only grow BP and not non-BP? If so, how can one counter attack this?

How can you only get bpel change w/o getting nbpel change? Unless you lost some weight? I dont understand this..

There is some theory about how you change the way your dick hangs or its position relative to the ligs that allows you to push the ruler in farther (or something like that).

Horny Bastard

Ah, I see.. Mravg could have a very good point. Will try to measure it that way at my next measure cycle. If it is so it would explain a lot.

If you are pressing the ligs, they are stretching allowing you to push further into the bone.(or behind it?)

I’ve noticed little NBP, but almost an inch BP.

Maybe that will soon translate into nbp?

I’m not sure

How is it possible to get a bpel change without a nbpel change? Unless you lost some weight, I dont get it. Someone explain this to me.

Didn’t mean to post that twice, my bad.

Any positive growth is good growth.


"What You Are And What You Want To Be Is What You Do"


Originally Posted by Whalmak
How is it possible to get a bpel change without a nbpel change? Unless you lost some weight, I dont get it. Someone explain this to me.

I’m no expert, but I think you make it wrong. If someone loose some weight, he should gain more NBPEL, the gain is from loosing the fat pad. BPEL = NBPEL + fat pad.

So if you gain weight, there is chance you gain BPEL but not NBPEL (even minus), if your fat pad increased more than the gain of you dick.

So to get the best gain is PE + gym (loose you weight that will translate to less fat pad).

Meiya, no sorry I must of explained it wrong. I fully agree with what you said.

I just wanted to know if your making BPEL gains w/o losing any fat from the area, how could you not gain in NBPEL? It doesnt make any sense to me. I do hit the gym, and to be honest my BPEL is .1” from my NBPEL. Im also 9% bf though.


I can’t answer your question, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Anyway, I prefer NBPEL gain, because that’s what going inside her, right?

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