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Only for newbies

Only for newbies

The proper way of jelqing is well explained at the forum. Newbies are told to jelq after obtaining partial erection. Nothing is told about the speed of this exercise.

On the other hand, video tutorials show a guy with full erection jelqing slowly, and at the same time instructions are given to them that each jelq must be of about 2 or 3 seconds. Newbies can get confused and perform their jelqing too slow. I figure this is why most newbies report doing 200-300 daily.

When I was a newbie, I did 1 second dry jelqs, so in 20 minutes I was able to perform about 1200 reps. Gains were excellent, 1” in length in 2 months!

Any ideas or opinions?

This is the main thread explaining the jelq exercise. In the section labeled “Stroke” is says, “The speed of each stroke is extremely important. Stroke times of less than 3 seconds should be avoided.” That, to me, explains the speed of the exercise fairly well.

The “key frames” of the jelq video explains in the text both the amount of erection and the speed.

The voice over on the video says, “two seconds, maybe three”.

So what’s the problem? Each man is different and gains at different rates. One second jelqs worked for you, that does not mean they would work for others or that longer strokes are not correct.

i agree with you big71,

you said “tutorials show a guy with full erection jelqing slowly” , i am also confused about this.

because it was told here ” you should not jelq over %80 erection” so why this man on the video doing it nearly full erection.

secondly, for westla of course. have you changed your avatar. and is it you appearing on that photo.

see you.

i have a bit of a problem, when i start to jelq i get rock hard, and cant get very soft easily, and i read that people just starting out shouldnt do it with a full erection. should i stop when i get hard and wait the 5-10 mins to get soft again then start back up again and repeat? thanks

haydibre, icanttalk, hi.

i think jelqing must be adapted to the level of hardness. Less erection, more speed; more erection, less speed: full erection, very low speed. All this is in order of avoiding damage to your dick.

in your case, icanttalk, it´s up to tou if you “wait 5-10 mins toget soft again then start back up again and repeat”.


Yeah I think the video is pretty much 100% erect, but I think it must be hard to make a video and get the erection level correct. But then I have never tried. The slowness of the video will be to properly show the exercise and allow the explanation to take place.

I think also for a video there might be a pride thing, where people may try to get their erection as large as possible. I also remember Gandolf’s video’s seemed to be probably more erect on the uli’s than is recommended.

>> I figure this is why most newbies report doing 200-300 daily.
Yeah the newbie routine pretty much states 200 X 3 Second jelqs.

Perhaps the 1 second jelqs worked for you because it was newbie length gaining. I think the jelq is primarily a girth exercise where the longer stroke is held for, the greater the expansion, and therefore the greater the chance of an increase in girth. Did you get any girth gains during your 1 second jelqing days?

Just some thoughts on the matter. Out of interest why is the thread titled “Only for newbies”? Surely “Jelq stroke timing and erection level” may have been more appropriate.

Melv :)


Whenever I jelq the part under the head gets filled up with blood like a balloon as a result the foreskin doesn’t come up, it remains for like this for 2 hrs. Is it Normal?

Loyal: Sounds like the ‘doughnut/donut effect’.

Scroll Down in this thread. How to Jelq

Or do a search.


Originally Posted by Big71

full erection, very low speed. All this is in order of avoiding damage to your dick.

I agree that the video looks like a full erection and the voice over does not say what erection percentage should be used. However, the key frames page and the original thread (see links in my reply above) do say “60-80%.” Full erect jelqing is dangerous and should never be encouraged, especially for newbies.

Do what you are comfortable with IMO (which doesn’t include erect jelquing)

I don’t have well conditioned cock for jelqing yet, so I find that a one second stroke almost feels like masturbation, making it more difficult to stay in my optimal zone (50-70%). Three second strokes are working great for me. When the stimulation becomes too much and my erection begins venturing towards 80% I slow it down to 5 second strokes to regain control or stop for a few minutes altogether.

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Which jelq

In the newbie routine does it matter if we do dry or wet jelqing because I’m unsure if it matters.

Wet jelqs are ‘default’ jelqs. Often uncut guys find dry-jelqs easier. If it’s your case, do dry-jelqs, but cut roughly at 50% (or even less) the number of strokes, and use less degree of erection (don’t go over 50% first weeks). This because dry-jelqs are more intense than wet jelqs.

Dry jelqing is more intense. Usually it is advised to do wet jelqs until you get the hang of it. Once you start feeling secure with what you are doing, and have a good feel for the technique you can advance to dry jelqs.

Do remember that it is more intense on the penis so until you don’t master the basics, do not try to advance on the more strenuous exercises.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.


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