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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Anyone tried Jelq with olive oil? Or masturbate with it?

It really makes sensational feeling.

I had already posted this … be extra careful to jelq only with the highest quality Extra Virgine Olive Oil (<0.6 acidity) or you will totaly burn your dick’s skin.

But it’s actually one of the best lubricans to use for jelqing !!!!!!!!

( I prefer baby oil Gel Chamomile+ classic baby oil Aloe Vera…. but I sametimes use Extra Virgine Olive Oil … it’s quite cheap here in Greece.. it’s logical it’s our No1 exporting product )

Feb 2004---->6.3 BPELx5.1EG (16cmx13cm)

May 2006---->7.3 BPELx5.7EG Midshaft & 6+EG Base (18.5cmx14.5cm Midshaft, 15.5+cm Base)

Goal ---->8BPEL x 6EG ...Duh!!!

I tried it but I with Cream.

Very strange,

Will it hurt when it burns your skin or it just will

I don’t remember olive oil being very acidic :S

Waiting in the queue for the 8 Inch Club

Never used anything other than olive oil for lubricant. It’s the don.

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Just for kicks try putting peppermint extract on your dick too, makes a really intense tingly feeling. Someone check me on this if that’s a bad thing.

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