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olive oil injection...

olive oil injection...

…for those who understand German it’s a good read. It’s about sex tourism in Bangkok. Teenager are injecting olive oil in their units because it swells up and gets bigger. A doc calls it dangerous though.


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Can someone translate this?

How much does it swell up? How long does it last?

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That doesn’t sound safe

I hear many good things about olive. I also learned most doctors only know how to diagnous….and the big part..perscribe medication. I wouldn’t be surprized if its harmless but I wouldn’t want to find out.

I don’t think the article has much in the way of details…

I just “translated” it using Babelfish. I have learned two things:

1. Online translation sucks
2. Reading these so-called translations will give you a head ache…

Anyway, here is part of it:

Originally Posted by Babelfish, an online word-mangler
Foreigners do not only operate Sex up to the imbecility “in Thailand”. Also of Thailand dte rodent are it shown in the meantime susceptibly. The newest moved idea: The young people squirt themselves olive oil into the Penis, because then swells and becomes larger. “we saw, say such cases for the first time before ten years with burmesischen Fischern” the psychologist Daniel Boyd. “now grassiert with young people. And it is dangerous.” A cosmetic surgeon in Pattaya continues still another step and submits to his customers a risky “special offer”: It can inject a part of sucked off fat into the sex part, in order to increase it. Kurt in Bangkok achieved an enormous level in this evening. It pays and continues to pull. Slowly it goes from tavern to tavern. It pirscht itself up to the Sukhumvit, the main street, forwards. Then Kurt turns. “I search mean buddies”, say he. “however I do not find it.” A buddy, whom Kurt in the airplane met and with which it two weeks ago ago cord TRACKS of the airport into one of the numerous cheap hotels pulled. In one week the return flight lines up. Kurt has the small road with the cheap, but humming night lives so far only once do not leave. “it makes fun”, says it, even if it does not look for the moment like it. Its eyes curve jerkily over the many foreign men, who clear a way between Transvestiten, prostitutes and tractors. Without his buddy Kurt of the interlocutors, it is not missing is powerful to a foreign language. Then it gives up and pulls again in “Heidelberg”. There one knows it, there white one, what he drinks, there one understands it always - somehow.

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Nothing wrong with olive oil soaking into the penis right?

I have 5ccs of grapeseed oil in me right now.

Olive oil is going to work just fine in your body in my knowledge…
Basically there is not much that is drastically repelled by your body.

If you would like you could even mix a pizza in the blender and shoot it right into
your bloodstream and the nutrition’s (in any in a pizza) would be absorbed in your
liver or kidney’s (forgot how that works right now *doh* on me.)

PS. Don’t try it since it will fuck up your heart rhythm and probably clog your arteries…
But in theory, a a prefect blended pizza with not chumps left in the now fluid. Mixed with
alot of water would work fine… DS.

Oil (don’t remember right now what kind it was) can and is used to inject into muscles
to make them look bigger. This is fairly common among people with sever megarexia.
The opposite of anorexia…

I’ll see if a can find a picture of this… BRB

Great post rymdrattan.

Another thing,
skin is able to absorb substances into the bloodstream. Found out in some health web site. Vaguely, it was something like over 100 chemicals that we absorb daily.

Okey I checked it up, the name of the oil that some bodybuilders with megarexia use is called synthol.

And even though you might think that this picture is fake.



ps. I never said it looked natural did I? .ds :D

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Originally Posted by Bigger72
Great post rymdrattan.

Tanks :)

Originally Posted by commanderblop
I don’t think the article has much in the way of details…

That’s right. Regarding the oil injection they just say:

“Teenagers inject olive oil into the Penis, because it swells up and becomes larger. Psychologist Daniel Boyd says, that he first saw Burmese fishermen doing so ten years ago. ‘Now it’s common among young people. And it is dangerous.’”

Definitely not worth a try I think.


More meat - More fun! :D ***April 2006 - 9.5" BPFSL***August 2008 - 9.65" BPFSL, 9.35" BPEL***

Small penises? (quote from the article, not a judgment by me)

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