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Numb Penis!!


I looked at the Penisaver. The ingredients look typically silly. Ginseng? I’m not terribly knowledgeable in regard to supplements but I doubt that will help in more than a general helping health way. You might feel more horny.

I was actually looking more at the VIP topical cream. Wondering if it really will bring more circulation to the penis and therefore more repair.

I was also thinking if any other type of topical lotion or cream could do the same thing.


2nd week

It has now been exactly 2 weeks since my last
jelqing session and since I felt numb.

Last week I was back up to 50% sensitivity but
this week I have to say that I am only at about
40% . It is healing slowly….

Early last week I tried masterbating (very gently)
and afterwards it felt more numb and a cold head!

So I guess I cannot touch it now for awhile.

I wish there was something I could do to speed
healing ….

I’ll keep you all posted.


Originally Posted by memento
I’d be surprised if sex is a problem if its fairly gentle and normal (if you wear a cock ring and repeatedly slam your dick in a door as foreplay then maybe not).

Got a funny feeling he’ll be ok. :rofl:

Originally Posted by memento

I looked at the Penisaver. The ingredients look typically silly.

I agree with you and even if you wrote the ‘doctor’ and told him you had a severed penis he would probly reply to you and say that he has a product to grow a new one.

4th week

Well…it has now been almost 4 weeks.

The sensitivity is at about 65% (better)but…

The head still gets cold at various times of the
day and shrivels up sometimes? Why is that?

Also, I woke up last night at 3:00am needing
to urinate but with a HUGE burning sensation
in the head?????? It was incredible? Even
after i peed, it was still there. When I woke up
it was gone… but every now and then in the day
it burns just a bit when I have to go. Not while
I am actually going just before??? Why is that?

I have barely touched my member since. No PE,
no sex, no masterbation. Just regular touching
like, washing, friction when running or biking.

I “feel” that it is coming along but damn this is such
a SLOW process. I want to get on with sex, PE and
just feeling like I can screw if I want…but I feel it may
be another few weeks still.


Hang in there mopek!!! Keep us posted. I’m going through something similar also. I think it helps to have a good frame of mind.


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