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Noticing something on peoples pics

I know that now I just need to find my staff ruler I haven’t even started PE yet so it’s not like I missed up already

Relax and be patient. That might be the best advice you’ll ever get about PE. Patience is 70% of the job.

I haven’t even started PE yet so it’s not like I missed up already

Then you’re golden, bro. A lot of guys also miss this opportunity to take “before” pics. I wouldn’t if I were you - if you have the means to take and store such pics.

Why? Believe it or not, sometimes these gains are hard to believe - despite what your ruler or a progress journal tells you. It can also be really encouraging when you’re down in the dumps of a plateau a year from now to see with your own eyes that your progress isn’t a figment of your imagination.

Shoot pics if possible. Take video. Draw a picture in pastels. Go nuts. I sometimes look at my “before” pics and am floored. Honestly.

I’ll think about taken pictures it just seems like so much work just to upload these pics

I’m surprised Capn didn’t ask you to take pics of you g/f and post them just to be safe.

I don’t mean upload them here to TP. Only do that if you are completely confident that you want to share something as intimate as your dick with 30,000 people.

Not trying to discourage anyone from posting pics - just trying to be clear that my suggestion to Doc was to take pics for his own personal charting.

(This does not apply to pics of peoples g/f’s - naturally. Post those, by all means) :up:

Hook's Pecker

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
Go nuts. I sometimes look at my “before” pics and am floored. Honestly.

And I’ve seen his pecker and I was pretty impressed.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I’ve always wondered…..Is your name the answer to the riddle, “Why was 6 afraid of 7?”

Originally Posted by 789
And I’ve seen his pecker and I was pretty impressed.

That was my pet ferret, you hockey puck.


Originally Posted by drknockboot419
It’s not really that I’m suck on cheating it’s that know I gotta measure all over again and it’s hard to keep your shit as hard as it can be and take out a type measure

You can solve this problem by measuring BPFSL, that is bone pressed flaccid stretched length. If I have grown than I will know for sure. Mind you this doesn’t let you notice the easy gains in the beginning; in my opinion at least.

** Take pictures, don't let the mind play tricks on you ** Then: BPEL ? x ? 2004 Jun 23: BPEL 6.0" x 5.1" BPFSL 6.5" 2004 Sep 16: BPEL 6.1" x 5.1" BPFSL 6.75" 2005 Jan 11: BPEL 6.4" x ?" BPFSL 7.00" - resumed after time off since 04 Oct 31 2005 Mar 08: BPEL ?" x ?" BPFSL 7.25" - the stretch feels completly different now, it seems i have reached a plateu 2005 Aug 25: BPEL ?" x ?" BPFSL 7.25" - resumed after about 3 months brake * I use BPFSL for consistency

Because Seven Ate Nine . Ha Ha

I don’t want to be a partypooper but this line has recently been added to the forum guidelines:

No posting pictures of wifes, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. Have them join the forum and post the pictures themselves.

You’re not a party pooper at all Piet my friend. It’s a great rule. Thanks for the reminder.

Now, all I have to do is get my wife to allow me to have a girlfriend and she can then join and post naughty pics of herself.

drknockboot419: Please, don’t think of bone-pressed measurements as “cheating.” I assure you, it is not. In fact, bone-pressed measurement is the only way to NOT cheat at this. Bone-pressed erect length (BPEL) measurements are the ONLY way to get an accurate readout on true length, no matter who you are, because the pelvic bone does not move, unlike your body’s fat composition (and consequent fat pad around your genitals).

I would suggest you use a hard ruler, as they press past the fat pad and into the bone easiest. Tape measures don’t work as well. As far as your erections losing power when you measure…we all have that problem…you have to basically wack yourself into a full erection…you’re fullest right before you cum, so get yourself at least close enough to cumming that you get a massive woody going on, but of course stop yourself from cumming…then get that ruler on there FAST!!! You’ll get a full bone-pressed measurement that way, and trust me, it’s not cheating…it’s the only way to be legitimate!

CaptnHook: Why don’t you let your wife have a girlfriend, and you can take and post those pics? hehehe

I don’t think of it as cheating any more.


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