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Noticing something on peoples pics


Noticing something on peoples pics

I’ve looked at some peoples measurement pictures they look like there cheating can some one tell me how they measure I’m about to start trying PE id like to know the correct way to measure so I can set a goal

It is called Bone pressed measurement.

You can read about it in the FAQs, I think.

I looked on FAQs it wasn’t there that bone pressed measurement is that the way people on this site measure

It is the only accurate way to measure due to varying fat pads. A man with a 9” bone pressed penis with a 1” fat pad has an 8” penis. A man with a 9” bone pressed penis with a 2” fat pad has a 7” penis. Same penis, but looks different. If he were to lose weight, his penis wouldn’t get bigger, but it looks like it does cuz it sticks out more.

Ok then why are people doing this they are saying there penis is 7 or 8 inches when there fat pad is 1 inch whats the point of lying then

Originally Posted by drknockboot419
Ok then why are people doing this they are saying there penis is 7 or 8 inches when there fat pad is 1 inch whats the point of lying then

It is not a case of lying. It is just trying to get everyone on the same playing field. A persons body fat changes from day to day. The pelvic bone is more or less stationary. So if you are going to compare a bunch of penises on a varity of guys you need some standard.

Medical researchers use the bone press method.

I understand that monument but if they measuring it 9 inches point pressure y are they saying that there penis is 9 inches I’m just trying to find a way to measure with out cheating but it just looks like every one else is

You’re really stuck on this “cheating” thing aren’t you? I personally don’t believe it is cheating, the pelvic bone is where you’re dick begins to protrude from the body.

There's a snake in my boot!

If we all use the bone-pressed method to measure, we are then all reporting by the same standard. Fat pads vary individual to individual; some guys have almost none there. Others more.

If you decide that fat pads should not be considered and measure, say, 1/4th inch above the pad, you are cheating yourself by that amount and more.

If you are having sex with your lady and pressing deep, trust me that your own fat pad gives way to that groin to groin pressure so that more of your penis is inside her. Does looking at it what way make sense? Where is the cheating?

If you think deep thrusts are cheating, don’t do ‘em. :)




NBPEL = Non bone-pressed erect length
BPEL = Bone-pressed erect length

It isn’t lying, though I can see your point. You see, this is a PE board; we are concerned with growth, not competition. So, you should always measure Bone pressed when talking about PE. An example:

Person A starts PE and is 6” NBPEL, 7” BPEL. After one year he is 6.5” NBPEL and 8” BPEL. Person A has gained 1” in erect length, but is only showing 0.5” of it because he’s put on weight in the mean time.

If, say, a girl asks you how long you are, you can give your NBPEL measurement.

It’s not really that I’m suck on cheating it’s that know I gotta measure all over again and it’s hard to keep your shit as hard as it can be and take out a type measure

This isn’t a race to see who can hit a certain size first. So this idea of “cheating” you speak of would be them cheating themselves. If you come on here and say your dick is 10 inches when it isn’t, that won’t accomplish anything but make them feel better I guess. Even if they were lying, it wouldn’t affect you. Don’t be so worried about measuring anyways. Only do it every couple of weeks at the most.

Measure bone pressed and use a stiff ruler. Always use the same ruler and always measure in the same position (seated, standing, lying down - or whatever).

Bone pressed measurements, as well as these other parts of the measuring process are necessary for the sake of accuracy.

You will later regret not using BP measurements if you don’t now, trust me. It’s crucial if you intend to monitor your progress.


btw- round the sharp corners of your ruler for comfort (be careful not to take any of the ruler length away, though). Smoothing the hard corners will encourage you to always press with all you’ve got.

Your ruler is your friend :leftie:

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