Noose Type Extender

Though I haven’t done much posting here I have read a lot of posts over the years. I was lately interested in buying a spring loaded, noose type, extender ADS on eBay. It was less than the other ones but it was ‘Noose’ type. The biggest thing that I kept noticing was everyone said it was hard to figure out how to make it comfortable to wear.

So, in my experience.. I ended up following the directions. It seems that there is a breaking in period necessary to make it comfortable. The directions said to adjust the length 4cm less than the erect length of my penis. I originally tried to make it longer and it KILLED me. So I made the necessary adjustments and yes it still took some getting used to. I also tried to wear it 6-8 hours and couldn’t. I settled for 3-4 hours to start.

The bottom line was that after not trying to rush it and just following the simple directions after a week it has become extremely comfortable. I am wearing the tension higher already by adding another small section with no problems. It has the comfort band around the regular one. About every hour I check for blueness (usually none) and readjust it if necessary.

I’m no expert here but this is what I have found worked for me.