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no time... jai stretch?

no time... jai stretch?

college student reporting in.

I work everyday from 4-9… 11-5 saturday wit sunday off.

Classes in the mornings, barely enough time for homework let alone excercising in the gym, let alone PE

What is the most effective stuff that i can slide in during my free time?

Is wet jelqing a little everyday a good idea?

How about jai stretches in the shower… or would regular manual stretches be better?

I dont get why the jai stretch works. why does it matter if you stop stretching before the pull back? the stretch has already occured right? so why does it matter if i dont stop?

I’m guessing I need to do my routine in the morning because I’m too tired at end of the day.

Is a few times a week like 3-4 good enough for steady progress? just stretches and wet jelqing?

You should do several different types of stretches and including the jai stretch is fine. Do the stretches that seem to feel best and work best for you. And yes, do them followed by your wet jelq routine. In the morning is fine. Don’t take any more then 1 day rest between workouts. So go 2 on, 1 off, or for a seven day routine, go 2 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off. As your time permits, you can experiment with lots of variations including 6 on 1 off.

Cool. Can someone please give additional clarification as to why the jai stretch works? Also is it possible to feel the pullback if it is done for two long?


Here you go dude:

Johan is a believer now! JAI

Try doing a search sometime, you’d be amazed what you can find lurking amongst the archives.

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