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No Pain, No Gain

No Pain, No Gain

I have been PE’ing for a little over a month now. Gains are slow. I can feel the pressure with my jelqing exercises, especially the dry jelq. But the stretching and jelqing puts pressure on the soft tissue. I don’t have any pain, but I notice a definite increase in sensitivity. Even a light pressure is noticeable.
I have been somewhat aggressive. I stretch 3-4 times, wet jelq for 100-150 counts, jelq squeeze about 3-6 times, and double grip a couple times, all this in the morning. Then I’ll dry jelq at work for about 50-70 times after a warm-up and 2-3 stretches. I am approx. 6” from the base in length and about 5 and 1/8th inch girth mid shaft.
I am eager to show some gain but do not want to hurt myself. I do not have time for hanging, so that is out of the equation. Is jelqing without hanging going to work effectively. When does my penis tell me it has had too much? I come from an old school of exercise. The athlete needs to push to get better. Please let me know.


if you feel pain in jelqing or any PE then stop. You don’t wanna have hematomas on you equipment. It doesn’t regenerate as good as muscles do.

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“I am eager to show some gain…” - and so does all of us who PE :)

… but do not want to hurt myself” - Excellent, then don’t. How about: No pain, some gain (which accumulates over time)? Patience is the name of the game when it comes to PE. Quick and easy gains are rare and you have to consider PE to be a long term commitment if you want substantial gains.

“When does my penis tell me it has had too much?” - Worst case scenario: when it’s not working anymore. However, weaker erections, dull aches etc are usually signs your unit has had too much.

“I come from an old school of exercise. The athlete needs to push to get better.” - True to some extent but in PE this is not always the case. The penis is not a muscle and less can actually be more in this case. Some might disagree on but nevertheless, it is my conviction that this is true, especially if you’re just starting PE.

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Yes, jelqing can produce excellent results as a stand alone exercise, although warm up with manual stretches is usually done in combination.

Signs of over training include reduction in flaccid size and weak erections, as well as the obvious skin irritations or chronic red spots or bruising.

No pain no gain does not apply as far as I am concerned. For me, jelqing is more pleasure then pain.

Thank you all for your responses. I am starting to get into a groove with my exercises. Twice a day, morning and night are working well. For the first time tonight I did 300 wet jelqs followed by regular squeezes. I finished up with a nice relaxed, full look, but not hard. As for flaccid size, I have always been small, 2-3 inches (6” BPEL, 5 EG).

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