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No longer waking up with morning wood


Nesh, how long did it take for you to notice an improvement in EQ?

Originally Posted by sebastian09

Nesh, how long did it take for you to notice an improvement in EQ?

Not quite sure, but I’d say it started to be better after several weeks. My EQ isn’t always constant. If I don’t masturbate or don’t have sex for some time (24h :) ), and if I am properly aroused then I have rock hard erection, especially if I had kegel session before erection. I do a lot of kegels, it is more than 100, sometimes more, sometimes less.

But I didn’t have problems before either, erections weren’t so hard as they are now, but were quite satisfactory.

Start 5,9" (15cm) NBPEL 5,1" (13cm) EG

1.11.2010. 6,3" (16cm) NBPEL 5,2" (13,2) EG

Goal: ~7" (18cm) NBPEL ~6" (15cm) EG

Thanks everyone for the responses. So it seems that maybe my infrequency of morning wood is less of a problem than I think. I didn’t wake up with morning wood today, and still haven’t worked out so I may just be inconsistent in that sense.

In regards to the steroid question, I have done PH cycles, but my most recent one ended months ago so I don’t think that was the problem.

I did begin noticing a toughness to my flaccid, and I just had no real desire to masturbate which was different. I’m not sure if it was due to decreased horniness, spending time jelqing and stretching so I felt no need to keep working on my penis, etc. It’s just that when I usually got random erections I would take care of it, so to speak. Without the random erections, I obviously had nothing to take care of, therefore less masturbation. I really had to force it if I was going to masturbate. But like I said I had no problem getting it up for my girlfriend.

Maybe the little break was good, and I’ll just ease into things a little more but I may just be worrying too much about nothing.


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