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No longer feeling stretching after 3 days

No longer feeling stretching after 3 days

OK, after changing my stretching technique I now don’t feel it in my penis anymore.

What I have done, perhaps in a misinterpretation of easing/relaxing into stretching, is stretch until I get the feeling of stretch, and it’s somewhat strong, then release the tension, moving back a little, which would generally remove the feeling of stretch (sometimes took a few tries), then continue the stretch so that I had stretched further but felt it less, then repeat until I was stretching about as far/hard as I could and there was no stretch feeling.

The sessions would take about 5 to 10 minutes, and I was only stretching SU and SO.

After 3 days of this morning and night I got no feeling of stretch in my penis in further sessions but did get some slight/dull pain in what I’ve now identified as my BC muscle (for which this technique doesn’t work to remove the feeling of stretch), which has decreased as I’ve kept up the sessions/time has gone on. Relaxing it in my last session by holding a reverse kegel elongated it and resulted in almost no feeling during the stretch.

After the feeling of stretch was gone my sessions were much shorter (usually 1-2 minutes) and by day 5, though I didn’t measure on day 4, I had gained 1/8th in BPFSL, and probably about the same in BPEL. My EQ had also gone up, though I’ve done no jelqing. 2 days on on day 7 I don’t seem to have made further gains, and I’m attributing this to the shorter sessions, so I’m going to up the time in my next sessions, but there may have been something special about removing the stretch feeling.

And for the record I’ve also done some stretching previously where I felt the stretch, ~30 minutes twice daily sessions in all angles, and gained about .75 inches in BPFSL in 1 - 2 months but with no EL or EQ gains (I did no jelqing). I took about a 4.5 month break and came back last month, doing some lig stretching (this technique also affects the ligs, though I didn’t completely remove the feeling before I stopped the lig stretching) and some tunica stretching, though I wasn’t using enough force with the tunica stretching (I’m doing my best to avoid conditioning) and made no gains. Since changing my technique I now do use enough force, so this isn’t the cause of the loss of stretch feeling.

Also something noteworthy is that my penis seems to have changed shape a little and is curving downwards more, though it seems only a small difference so it might be hardness changes deceiving me (I doubt this though as I’ve had harder erections before through edging and they didn’t seem to have the same shape as my current erections).

From what I’ve read it seems like everyone else gets the stretch feeling, so I felt like I should mention this as it’s probably beneficial. But could it be unsafe? I don’t think it is, but I’m not a doctor.

I don’t understand the technique you’re describing. Are you saying that you stretched hard during your session, then stretched less throughout the session so that you didn’t feel stretching in your penis?

Nope, I would stretch hard, then release tension, then stretch hard again, stopping to release when I felt a certain amount of stretch. How hard I stretched at each of the “hard” phases went up until I couldn’t stretch further/harder and there was no feeling of stretch.

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