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Extenders/ADS - stretching/best practice/science?

Extenders/ADS - stretching/best practice/science?

This thread is based on another thread by “Slack” and am reposting per Andro.

I would like to use this thread to get a definitive “best practice” for stretching - either based on personal experience and/or scientific based (for theory). While this should not be end all answer/solution, it should provide enough starting point for someone who is just starting out to experiment.

The original question was - “which is better, 1-2 hours of intense stretching or 4+ hours of worth of light stretching?” There were lots of good replies to this question and I summarized and added few of my thoughts (see quoted part below).

So the overall question is - what is the best practice for stretching (using extender alone and/or extender with ADS - and to some degree, hangers).
Additional detail could include the following,

1) what is max stretching and approximate force - and why.
2) what is light stretching - details and why.
3) Amount of time to be used for each session and/or per day/week to be sucessful.
4) Successful routines used (please limited to extender/ADS and supporting manual excersizes).
5) Theory - intense vs light, healing, supporting facts, etc.
6) Plateuing and how to combat it.
*) please add more detail questions you think need to be answered- thanks

Below is posts made by me and lovemachine,

Originally Posted by monkeybar
Everyone gave very accurate advice. I would like to summarize few things here since its asked many time and I’ll also prove some reasons for it.

Please remember that this is a best of practice and not end all solution. I would also like to qualify that this is more for extender type of system (doesn’t matter what brand you have). It could apply to hangers, but I believe they follow more intense procedure? Something that I can’t possibly do due to my daily schedule and also pain limitation.

So here it is,

1) do a max stretching for short period of time - say 5, 10 or 20 minutes follow by break for 1 or 2 hour session. When I mean max - I mean max - we’re talking about 5 - 10 plus lb of pressure/traction (much more for hangers). It should feel like its ripping.

- Reason: You are going for micro tear on your structure.

- Best practice1: When you are doing this, you should feel your ligament. It should be very tight.
- Best practice2: This should be first stretching session of your day.
- Best practice3: Only should be done every 72 hours or no more than every other day. You need to heal and 72 hours seems to be the norm for repair.

3) Light stretching - you could use either extender or ADS.

- Reason: Extended state repair - you are trying to force your body to repair the microtear in certain state (in our case extended).

- Best practice: light stretching means light. About 1/2” more than your normal length. More than that - you are still trying to micro-tear. Not advisable. This also increase your device wearing time. One of the common mistake most newbies make - they think hard stretching is the way to go, its not. Let your body do its thing.
- Best practice 2: Do not wear extender under clothing - I believe extenders are too ridgid and it does not allow movement or side play. Use free movement ADS system.
- Best practice 3: Do this for entire duration - during 72 hours repair period - as much as you can.

4) Take a break - entire day. This has no bearing on PE, but you need to walk away for a day. If not, you’ll get sick of PE if you over do it. Make sure you take a break after the 72 hour period.

5) Stretching - you need to do manual stretching. While these devices are nice and keep your hands free - you can’t stretch in certain direction or angle.

- Reason: Variation and stretching to different angle.

- Best practice: do it for about 5 minutes, as many times as you can during the day - pull to different angles.
- Best practice2: This could replace device wearing session - it will give you different feeling and also provide variation.

6) Base stretching - streching base skin.

- Reason: you can’t stretch your ligs if your skin doesn’t allow it.

- Best practice: Grab near the base and pull - it should feel like your skin is ripping, but its only way. Several times a day. You could so use extender for this- grab it near the base (up the shaft).

7) change your routine.

- Reason: your body will become used to your routine. You need to shock your system with different excersize.

- Best practice: Change routine every 1-2 months.
- Best Practice: Use different stretching technique, jelq, device.
- Best practice: If you feel you are plateuing - change your routine. Your body is telling you its already use to what your are doing.

Thats all I could think of for now. Everyone chip in…

Originally Posted by LoveMachine
This is tough for us that learn about and do PE because we don’t alaways post exact scientific data information on exactly what is happening from our expierences hanging, manual stretching, ADS/ADH’ing etc day by day. Unless we all got together and used the scientific method of forming a theory together as a group using both Newbies who were commited enough, Veterens to PE, and people who PE as normal to run a controlled expierment focusing on those people in the study reporting a few variables (data) every day for a period of a month or two and then running a couple calculations on the final data when the expierment is done and analyzing it, we can’t say exactly for sure what would work for most everyone indefintly. The way we are currently explaining to others here of our mostly true expierences and gains from PE’ing leaves a lot of gaps to be filled as to finding out in a more precise way as to what the exact variables are for finding out the answer to Slack’s question of “What would be better, stretching for stretching for longer periods of time with light weights or stretching for short periods of time with heavier weight?”. I actually remember now that there is actual scientific evidence of proving the benifits of longer stretching with low intensity weights.

When we are PE’ing for length the 2 most important variables by far are how long should we hold the stretch and with how much intensity. And Manual Stretching, ADS/ADH, and Hanging all have there pros and cons in relation to this question of how much time we should use and how much intensity. We don’t nessicaraly need Heat to make gains, but heat can help prevent injurys and may help gains come a little quicker if Heat is applied correctly and for enough time to the tissues of the penis at the base and the whole outer shaft (maybe including the glans/head). Heat will alter the Time and Intensity variables I discussed above.

In some of the threads here at Thunder’s, Hobby as posted excellent information from real scientists that have conducted the expierments I talk about but are focused on the deformation of collagen, which is what we care about since that is the main limiting factor we are trying to deform I believe from the tunica tissues and the ligaments around the base of the penis holding the penis inside the body. Both those structures are made up of collagen and elastin protiens. The elastic protiens in the tunica and ligaments give allow those tissues to stretch. In hobby’s posts the conclusion was is long periods of stretching is benificial to permently deforming collagen tissue by the method of Traction as has been discussed above in posts. I believe something like monkeybar’s method of PE mentioned above might be the ticket. There is a lot to think about and I’ll post more as more thoughts come to me.

Originally Posted by LoveMachine
I just thought of something, heh. ;) Maybe shorter periods of Intensity would be of more benifit for lig gains. And longer periods (hours) of light Intensity (ADH/ADS and Hanging) would be better for tunica gains at certain angles?

This makes complete sence to me. When I have been hanging at low weights for hours on end over and over only the OTS position making very little changes, I feel my whole inner shaft and outer shaft after doing a penis massage is a little sore/fatigued. Maybe this kind of traction is needed for tunica gains. I can see ripping ligs and then keeping them elongated for lig gains, but for the big bad tunica all around the inner and outer shaft I think you surely wouldn’t want to rip your tunica like you would rip your ligs the same way. So then the question is how much Weight and how much Intensity and method of stretching shoudl we use to get tunica Traction started for tunica gains. I will say that after I do those long periods of hanging OTS with low weight my outer and inner shaft is sore/fatigued for a while like I said above, but also important is there is a subtle different type of feeling when I stretch out my outer shaft, that feels liek the shaft is more stretchy, it feels all like it’s in a traction state and is primied for growth/traction for tunica gains. When I pull out the stretch the shaft has a more light elastic like feel. Maybe this is the elastic response needed for traction before the penis goes back into the plastic response for permenent deformation?

The feelings I get when getting what I believe to be tunica soreness is what I explained above in both the inner and outer shaft. Also important to note the ripping feelings I get when I do heavier weights hanging for shorter periods of time targeting ligs I feel a sharper more defined soreness/fatigue in the lig areas at the base of the penis after a hanging session unlike the dull soreness/fatigue feeling of what I believe to be affecting the other main LF (Limiting Factor) the tunica in the innner and outer shaft.

We need to define this feelings for everyone of so called lig/attachment-point soreness VS tunica/shaft soreness, so we can all be on the same page I think and help others more accurately describe and know what they are feeling and targeting when the do there stretching in whatever method they use. When we know exactly what we are feeling and what exactly we are targeting with a certain amount of time and intensity, then we save a lot of time and speed up length gains I believe because we found the truth. :)

Interesting thoughts, Monkeybar :up:

Any of our other “theory” experts have an opinion on the above??

Over the years, I’d learned few techniques from bodybuilding world (which I’m into) and incorporated into my PE workout. While we are not working with muscle, some of the principle does apply - specifically amount of workout and healing duration.

One of the principle from bodybuilding that I follow is HIT (high intensity training). Simply this principle follows infrequent workout schedule at higher level of intensity focusing on compound movement and progression. The training only last 45-60 minutes per day. This is followed by resting period long enough for your body (or body part that you worked on) to completely heal itself before working on the same body part. Following this regiment, I was able to add lean muscle mass more quickly than working out 2+ hours doing regular stuff.

While we are talking about muscle vs ligaments, I think same could be applied in terms of stretching frequency and healing time. What I don’t understand is - if you are doing fairly intensive stretching everyday (not max, but intensive), when does your body have the time to repair itself? Is over night enough? I’ve always thought that (or is well known in Bodybuilding circle) minimum of 72 hours was needed for your body to repair itself.

I don’t have all the answer, but now you know where my 72 hours come from.


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