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No gains.

No gains.

I have been doing PE for about a year or so now, with little to no gains, iv gained a little girth, not that I need it but hey.. And as you can guess this is very daunting and frustrating, I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong, I never knew if I was grabbing my unit right and or something, and ill admit I didn’t do the exercises right at first for a while, but even then I should have gained something by now in length, I did the newbie routine for the longest time (about 5 months give or take) and then I started clamping and dumped jelquing, since it was annoying to do to try and get the right erection level and it would fluctuate sometimes throughout the routine, it didn’t feel like I was getting the right intensity, with clamping Iv gained a 1/4 inch in girth.

Stretching: I would do 10-15 minutes each session, and try to do enough intensity where it felt stretched, but it didn’t hurt. I would switch between the top of my shaft (1/2” below the head), to the bottom (1” or so above the base) every 2:30
Hot rap: Iv recently started doing the rice sock about a month or so ago, since its supposed to work better and my old method was filling up a water bottle with fairly warm water and putting my shaft in it, while I was in the shower and when I was done hot rapping I would get out of the shower and do my sessions, and what iv wondered or considered is when I get out you know the air is cooler so maybe I reversed the effect of the warm rapping. The shower thing was nice and convenient since nobody would question what I’m doing in the shower for 15 minutes and then go straight to my room right away, but now I have to risk the rice sock when nobody is looking.
Hanging: I did some hanging for a couple months, but it was really annoying since the captains wench would start slipping off half the time and I’m considering starting it up again, but add one of those metal tightening rings over the velcro so that it stays on.
Pumping: I started pumping about the same time I started doing the rice sock so a month ago, and its quite nice since its easier than stretching and stays more consistent, and iv noticed that after my sessions for the most part I’m about a 1/4 inch or so longer after pumping and I know thats a good positive sign of growth.

10 minutes of warm rapping
15 minutes stretching
30 minutes clamping
30 minutes pumping

So I don’t know if anyone can help me get my technique better or change my routine better or something. I love the thought of having a bigger penis, because I wanna be that awesome hung guy, and you know (its not everything but) just like guys like girls with bigger boobs, girls like guys with more package, not only that I’m tired of having to find 1.5 hours or so 4-5 days a week, having to cancel plans and having to do or say things so I can get my alone time for PE.. I just want to get my goal of at least EL: 7-7.5 and MEG: 5.5 and be done with this so I can move on in life.

I’m 21, in college for electronics/telecommmunications to make killer robots, jk, I live at home, moving to another town for my next step of college in about a year, so then it will be more difficult for PEing unless I can get an apartment, but those are scarce. I feel like PE part of the time is a burden, because of the things I have to give up, but I really want a bigger unit.

Any advice would help immensely

EL: 5.5
EG: 5.5
MEG: 5.25

Theoretically, if you were stretching and jelqing correctly, I would have expected gains for you within that year’s time. Since I don’t really know if you were using proper technique or not, I’ll just list off tips for what has worked for me.

Keep in mind, I am uncut.

-I started with wet jelqing, but had trouble reaching the proper erection levels (50% or lower), as wet jelqs never really stimulated me. Jelqing limp probably still has some effect, but it just wasn’t consistent. I used an overhand C grip
-Dry jelqs work much better for me, as an uncut dude. I use an overhand two finger grip and get great expansion—very plump after only 10 jelqs.
-With stretching, I only ever gripped behind my glans. My early technique was simply gripping a bit behind my glans and pulling, but I found that retracting my foreskin and using toilet paper or cloth to get a good grip works better.
-I too use a captain’s wench to hang (I’ve only used up to 7 lbs) and have only ever had it slip off me once, due to a bad wrap. Make sure that you are wrapping correctly and that your clamp is TIGHT to prevent it from slipping

If you’ve done a year of solid PE, you probably are well enough conditioned to clamp, but I only have experienced with light clamped edging, anyway.

Good luck!

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Goals: BPEL: 7" ACHIEVED New goals: BPEL: 7.5" | MSEG: 5.75" | Brad the Bartender\'s Progress Log and Pics

Hi” thatguy241” I see you say you did the newbie routine for like 5 months an gave up cause no gains. Well five months isn’t nothing, you gotta work at it harder then that to see results . I’m talking almost a year. An always jelq its the base of all PE. My opinion you shouldn’t be clamping yet. I would PE for few years before you pick clamping up. It will toughing you’re smooth muscle tissue up and will be harder for you to achieve gains. Stick with some jelqing and pumping for 6months least 4 days a week. And I’m sure you will start seeing improvements. Good luck.:-)

Good advices here.

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