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No gain

No gain

I have been doing it for 7 weeks ago. Recently I do the exercises for longer and longer time, on last week I did all days 90 minutes. I had a little gain after 2-3 weeks (3mm), but I can’t gain more. Maybe I am the most unlucky with genetics, and who can not gain?

What’s your routine for those 90 minutes?

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You never know where it depends on until you find a routine that works. Stick to the newbie routine to reach the 3 months and have a conditioned penis this way. After that you could consider massive stretching, hanging or advanced girth exercises.

Stick with it man. You’ve seen slight gains so far, it can only get better with time.

You did all days 90 minutes? I’m assuming you mean that you did not have any rest days. If that’s the case, you got to rest. Resting is a part of excercising!

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I do it 5 days a week with 2 rests. My routine: warm up with hot shower, manual stretching in 5 different directions, 5-5 minutes, 6 weeks wet jelq 20 minutes and some minutes under hot water.

1 week ago I do the dry jelq after the stretching, and I do 5-6 times 40-60 second clamping, just for begin to try and learn to clamp. And I am on this with whole mentally. I don’t know how should I say it in English, but I hope all of you easily understand.


PE is something that takes time. You can’t rush it, no matter how much you want to. Be patient, keep up with the newbie routine, you might want to try a rice sock for the warm up. The shower works just fine, but the rice sock would be better in that the heat will go deeper.

A wise man here said, PE is not a sprint, but a marathon. Give yourself time.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Keep at it tell you have a conditioned dick and then you can do advanced PE methods. Just be careful not to over do it right now by using the advanced methods, and then permanently damaging your dick.

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