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No Exercises for me

No Exercises for me

People keep asking me why I’m looking for such expensive solutions like SizeGenetics and JesExtender and so on, while I can get effective results with exercises (which are free).
The Reasons are mainly:
1. It consumes 0 time, and I really don’t have much time to spare, so if I can put some device on my penis that does the work for me while I keep on doing the things I would normally do, that’s perfect
2. It can be used many many hours throughout the day, more hours - usually more effective.

But, the main problem is that it’s expensive, so I was wondering, the technique is pretty simple, tying/strapping/holding the penis and stretching it by furthering it from the base (like SizeGenetics)/tying it to the leg (like many stretchers do)/do some kind of wrap around (like penisplus), these ideas seem to be really simple and don’t really need to use a lot of expensive tools, all you need to have is a soft material for the penis part and a couple of ropes..

What I’m really asking is if someone can give me a manual/idea to make your own penis extender with simple material.

Thank you very much in advance.

All you need to do is search, you will find all the info you need. In the right hand corner of your browser is a tab thats called search, click on it.

I have been using the JesExtender for about a year, fairly on and off, but enough to have some insight. Some people manage to wear it for many many hours every day, but I just can’t. I simply can’t be productive while wearing it, no way I can focus on studying while having it on.

It is a nice thought, putting on the extender and going about your business, but for me, and probably for most people, it just doesn’t work like that. And if you are in a situation where you know you will have to take it on and off every now and then, then it further diminishes your chances of being on of those who can wear it constantly. By reading different forums it is actually quite obvious that most people, for whatever reasons, just can’t seem to get the hours of extending in.

My point is that I have found that devoting like half an hour to manual P.E is much more efficient use of my time. Then I’ll forget about the extender and wear it when I am already unproductive and undisturbed. For me this is at the end of the day when I watch a movie before going to sleep.

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Forgot something. Using an extender does not take 0 time. Firstly, it takes a bit of time putting it on. With the baby powder and whatnot. Secondly, for many people it slips. To get an hour of extending they have to put it back on several times. Not a problem for me though, but for some this seems to be a big problem. It happens sometimes for me too, and if you plan to wear it while being active, it’s probably gonna happen more often. And lastly, for extending to be as efficient as possible, the traction needs to me adjusted regularly. The combination on your penis being stretched and minor slippage causes the traction to go down if you don’t adjust. Plus you want to stress to penis increasingly during a session anyways, I read somewhere that that is the most efficient use of the device and it makes sense. It was one of those (BS?) doctors that support the device that advised using it like that, steadily increasing the traction in every session (and of course over time too).

I am not advocating against the JesExtender or any other extender (they all seem to be exactly the same), as it has worked for me, I am just giving my 2 cents so you can make a more informed decision. It is a bit of work in extending too.

22.01.08 NBPEL: 5.91/15cm, BEG: 4.29/10.9cm, MEG: 4.53/11.5cm

03.09.09 NBPEL: 6.26/15.9cm, BPEL: 7.09/18cm, BEG: 4.49/11.4cm, MEG: 4.92/12.5cm

The noose style extenders also put alot of pressure on the dorsal nerves, veins and arteries. This can you give you loss of sensation and decreased circulation.

If you’re going to get any extender get the strap type.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

I got the strap type, what I’m saying is perhaps the penisplus belt is better or something like RealLength (search in ebay), your strap your penis with some sort of vacuum silicone and connect it to your chest so it pulls it up, seems a really good technique

My opinion on the extenders is don’t waste your time, I wish I hadn’t. It seems like a great theory with alot of research proving that it can work, but after trying several devices the most comfortable one I have tried (after some modification) I still cannot wear for more than 45 minutes without needing to readjust. And my productivity is zero while wearing the extender so I gave it up. I wish you the best of luck with PE no matter which method you choose.

I’ve read some instructions on making silicone sleeves so you can put your penis inside and tie them up to anything you want (most likely a leg, or chest.. Although a train might work :] ), however I didn’t really understand the instructions plus I didn’t know what exactly to tell the seller at the hardware store in order to get EXACTLY the right equipment

I work from home so eventually when I get some more experience and gains under my belt I will look into getting a stretcher to increase productivity. But I can see how this would be a nuisance for someone with different circumstances.

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