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No Day Off

No Day Off

I started PE one 2 months ago.gained a little bit,but the last three weeks I PE all the time,with maybe 1 day off in 2 this ok,or is it better to take at least one,or two days per week off?

Rest up to grow. You NEED days off. If you feel like you absolutely have to pe, just do 20-30 min of kegels

No one can answer that for you. It’s like asking, “how much should I eat for breakfast?” The answer is “the right amount for you!”

So that’s why you need to watch your EQ and PIs and keep a log of your growth.
IF you are growing…don’t change ANYTHING!

IF you AREN’T growing, then you need to change something.

Thanks for the tips.I’ll continue this week with no days off,and if I see no progress than I’ll add 2 days off in a week

Since your only 2 months in I would highly suggest giving yourself at least 2 days off each week. If you keep going with no rest your sure to over train and lose everything.

You’re overdoing it man. Stop it altogether and do a light routine 2 weeks and see if you’re still not gaining. 2 days on 1 off.

The problem is that I don’t feel over trained.I feel like I never PEd:) .my routine is warm up 5 min,stretching 5 min ,blue whale stretch 15 min.and jelq 5-10 min.

Well I suppose try increasing jelq time to 15 min… you still need recovery time though. How’s the EQ?

See, while many will disagree, I am someone who takes no days off (will very rarely take one) and it is mainly because I never feel sore. I do a lot of volume too, I am on my 5’th clamping set as we speak.

Originally Posted by gfgf

The problem is that I don’t feel over trained….

I’m not sure there is such a thing as ‘feeling overtrained’ in PE. I mean, when you really feel overworked, it’s way too late. Have you read the threads in Sparkyx’ signature? They are well worth.

Originally Posted by MustangV8
Well I suppose try increasing jelq time to 15 min.. You still need recovery time though. How’s the EQ?

I have no problem with EQ is very good(no problem getting a bonner:) )..

.Ok then,next week I’m starting a 3-4 days on and the rest off,and then I’ll see the difference.unless I see some progress until the end off week because I started the BW stretch 3 days ago.thanks for all your advices

I would go with 2 days on 1 day off…And just increase the length of time jelqing/stretching. I notched up from 15 to 25 minutes…lol made a huge difference I had bruises and little red spots EVERYWHERE hahaha had to take 2 days off I couldn’t believe how much difference 10 minutes made.

My penis always feels firmer and thicker after a rest period and when starting PE again I can feel it stretching again if I take no rest days it begins to feel like nothing is changing. I usually take 1-2 days off every 5 days of PE.


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