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Newcommer tricky question

Newcommer tricky question


I am currently 7.5-7.75 BPEL and 6” EG at base, 5.5 mid shaft and 4.5-5 under the glans.
My flaccid length I don’t know, but it is around 2 inches. This is due partly because I’m overweight (6’ 245lbs, my NBPEL is around 6, so a 1.5+ fat pad) and because I’m a “grower” (my flaccid stretches a lot and has a very variable size).

I have been PEing for a few weeks but very seldom do my routine, since I do them the bathroom before my shower, and my housemate complains that I take an hour to take my shower. I don’t know if I have seen gains at all, maybe some ligament stretching (1/8 to 1/4 maybe)

So my first question is:

1- Since I start with an already large BPEL, could I expect to reach say 8 NBPEL (if must be accompanied by weight loss, how much approx?). I wouldn’t mind 6”EG mid shaft either.

2- my tiny flaccid size causes me lots of anxiety in public. For example, I can’t go to the public showers in the gym without getting a mini-hard-on. I can’t repress it. This causes my dick to point horizontal. I could bear to show my little flaccid cock, but not one with a hard-on! Is this some weird psychological problem of mine or some of you have experienced the same? If so how did you overcome it? I’m 23.


1 You can reach it. For you can losing weight even have a larger impact than PE. Start with the newbie routine for 3 months.

2 Relax and take a deep breath will probably help.

Do some PE in the shower, some in bed, some in the bathroom etc. Doing PE with roommates isn’t to difficult.

Hi Rectum,
I have the same problem my BPEL 7,1” and my NBPEL is 6,5”, EG 5,1-5,2”, but my flaccid length is also around 2” in most cases. Sometimes my flaccid length goes to 5”. But also when I need it (when I go to a restroom, shower in public) it is 2” even less, and I don’t even want to show my penis. I know what you are talking about. I’ve been PE for 2 months and one week and I have gained 0,6” in EL and 1/4” in erect girth, but I HAVE NOT SEEN any flaccid length gains. I also want to achieve some flaccid length gains. That is my goal now.
I’ve been drinking lots of water (about a gallon a day) and It does not work for me, although many members say it works.

I think you won’t have any problems to reach you 8 NBPEL even more. The easiest way is by weight loss. I read this in a book.
Probably it is some psychological problem as you said. Let me tell what happened to me today and it happens always to me, just everyday. I went with some friends to a bar to have a couple of beers. When I went to the restroom my penis was 2”, good that no one was at the same time in the restroom, in a couple of minutes I went home and I peed in one park(I was alone) and I saw it was about 4”. I think it is a psychological problem.

When I am in public my penis shrinks, when I am at home, or somewhere alone my flaccid penis length is 4-5”.

wow, 2” and you grow to 7” that must really look cool.


PE will really make the flaccid length and girth increase.
Maybe moreso than erect girth.

I’m not sure how big I am in public. (I don’t really hang it out of my pants walking down the street-LOL- just a joke)

but, yeah, sometimes I think it may be small. Mind you it’s been very cold lately.

Thanks guy’s for all your answers, it’s much appreciated. I started the newbie routine :)

Originally Posted by phantasm
Wow, 2” and you grow to 7” that must really look cool.

Phantasm it does not look cool. It looks bad, and I feel bad

What I meant was just watching it grow must look impressive.

But I know what you mean about being in public and being embarrassed

What happened to you is just what I am suffering. I also have a very tiny flaccid penis, and just as john-F said, when I am alone it is bigger but in public shower it is really small, I don’t know why, it is weird

I too am like a light switch when flaccid! When erect, I grow to 6.5 inches non-bone pressed and a little over 6 inches at the base.

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