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Newcomer from UK

Newcomer from UK

I’m 19 years old and I’ve had a rough ride the past year but life’s changed a lot for the better. I’ve always been self-conscious of my penis and I don’t know why - 6.5” length (6.8 when my EQ is perfect) and near enough 5” girth.

I’ve gotten a new GF and she seem’s to enjoy it but I can’t make her orgasm and she’s told me how she’s had bigger before and also how she’s orgasmed before but she didn’t say whether that was because of the size or technique, so I’ve been feeling incredibly insecure recently!

I stopped going to the gym Jan 2014 and I lost all self-confidence so I’m starting up again and I feel now is the best time to start PE. I’ll be taking test supplements and blood-flow supplements to help me get back to my original size quickly and to actually motivate me to continue rather than all the failed attempts in 2014 of going back!

What would be the best routine to follow? I want to achieve a 7.5” x 5.5” erection as I feel that’s a pretty big size.

Everyone and their mother on this forum is going to say it to you: if you don’t have any prior experience with PE, which it sounds like you don’t, start off with the newbie routine. That’s the place to start. The best routine for you personally, however, is the one where you get the most positive PI’s. Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Pre-PE: BPEL - 5.75", EG - Unknown

6/3/17: FSL - 6.6" 6/12/17: BPEL - 6.4" EG - 5.2" BPFL - 4.9"

Goal: 7" x 5.5"

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