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Newbie with some hope for feedback on discoloration

Newbie with some hope for feedback on discoloration

OK, I know I am a newbie and my post will probably be fairly ignored, but I will give it a shot. Here is the story. At the end of May of 2005, I had begun a PE program. Pretty basic, similar to most of the simpler workouts (I.e. Jelqing, stretching, PC muscle workouts, etc.). Everything was going extremely well, I had gained about a half an inch in about 6 weeks, so I was excited as all hell. Especially when a young lady I had been “friends with benefits” for a long time said “Oh my god, that is the deepest you have ever felt” etc. So, needless to say, I couldn’t wait to continue working out and heading towards a massive dongle. Then I hit a wall, which I still have no definitive answer for the cause, but after some more research, may attribute it to the workouts.

What happened was, after an oral sex encounter, the next day, I went into the shower and began my exersises. My warm ups were really only allowing warm/hot water to cover the groin area for about five minutes, and my warm down was similar. I was doing about 500 jelqs a day, some “super jelqs” and stretching. Anyway, I then noticed a significant red spot on the tip of my penis. I about shit my pants and immediately stopped the workout and nearly caused real harm to something thinking I had the herpes crap. So, fearing the worst, I went to many many doctors (never telling them about the exercises because I had no idea it could be related) and got tested for allergies, STDs, whatever, and nothing yet. Saw a urologist, and he said, everything looks fine blah blah. Well, it doesnt, and it hasnt since I quit doing the exercises in August, and it has become nearly impossible for me to consider getting involved with (not ->w/) a lady (which really really sucks because (not ->b/c) I havent had contact from a lady for a long time).

The situation is still the same, except the spot is gone. However, the head is very dry/scaly looking at times, and essentially changes color throughout the day, with occasionally looking as normal as it used to to a red and dry and unattractive look. Especially after ejaculation, which means masturbation has been constant since the red spot, there is a red and white combination of colors on the head. Typically, immediately after washing or applying some kind of cream, it will look normal for a while, but then turns into the gross monster.

I have read some of the posts on discoloration, and though I don’t see any exactly the same, it seems others have had some similar issues with discoloration. I havent seen much feedback on whether or not anyone has permanently solved the problem, but I am hoping some answers come up here. I really want to get re invovled in my workouts, or the workouts delineated here, and get a normal looking penis. Has anyone had the situation where it would be nasty looking after ejaculation?? Do people that have had discoloration not touch their dongle for weeks?? I think I am going to try some wrapping, and thats it to start, but I really hope for some feedback. I know it is a long post, but doctors havent been able to help me, and I am hoping someone can help me here so I can solve the problem, or at least mitigate it, so I can revive my potential.

I don’t know if you are still doing PE or masturbating in the shower, but that is a bad place for doing any extended penis activity. If you used any kind of soap for you lube, you would cause excessive dryness and even without soap, the constant flow of hot water would tend to eliminate most of the essential body oils in your penis skin.

If you haven’t done so already, I would say stop all PE/masturbation activity in the shower and continue to apply a moisturizing lotion. A good combo is to rub in a dab of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly followed by some Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion.

You need to work on your warm-up before starting PE again. Your kinda like me, us guys need really good warm-ups.

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I had a red spot just below the glans. I used Cortaid a hydro cortisone cream and it cleared it up real nice. Try that.

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I am essentially trying all of the suggestions and I do hope that it clears up. Thanks guys. Just for clarity sake, I wasn’t using soap for lube. It was like, vaseline for lube, then dry the penis so I could do stretches, then jelq again, then stretch. So it was a lot of lubing then drying. Either way, I am hoping it clears up so I can get back on a regiment. Thanks again folks.

The dryness is from the long hot showers no doubt. The red spots are common place with newbies. The shear panic and running to many doctors sounds like paranoia with a touch of hypochondria.

Calm down, you’re putting a lot of pressure on a sensitive area and you arent conditioned for it yet. Also you need to warm up with heat. A rice sock or a good heat pad is essential in avoiding discoloring. Heat is a key part of my routine, and I have very little discoloration. And I do some brutal shit, clamping, bending, power jelqing.

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