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Newbie Strecthes

Newbie Strecthes

What Type Of Streatches Do You Guys Recommend For A Newbie. Don’t Want To Get Too Extreme Too Fast.

I’m newbie as well. My tip: scroll down to “Similar Threads” and check what you find there.

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Listen to Pfund, he is an enlightened newbie..also try using the search function in the top right corner…:)

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Some are easy some hard use your judgement and remember PE is for the long haul

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Thank you for the input DINO

Your welcome.

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Is stretching all that necessary, or can jelqing do the same results by alternating between more flacid vs more hard?

Am newbie too. As far as I know, jelq at flacid state gives length gain, at erect state gives girth gain, but stretching does more real length gain. I start jelqing from flacid state, so I believe by jelqing I get both length & girth gain.

I don’t want to give out wrong information so I’ll just say what I think I know:

1. Jelqing a more flaccid penis will help in length better than it will girth.
2. Jelqing a more erect penis will help in girth better than it will in length.
3. Wet jelqing is better for length than dry jelqs. Dry jelqs are better for girth than wet jelqs.

If you want length from jelqing, wet jelq with no erection.

Why “Wet jelqing is better for length than dry jelqs. Dry jelqs are better for girth than wet jelqs”?

And if I do dry with no erection, will it give length gain?

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