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Newbie routine schedule question

Newbie routine schedule question

Hello everyone ,

I’m new to PE and this community thank you so much for all the information you share it’s very helpful.

I’m going to test the newbie routine as you can guess but 2 days on / 1 day off isn’t convenient for me because of my body workouts.

If I do 1 day on / 1 day off and and so on , will there be any incidence on gains or I can do this “schedule” without any risks ?

Thanks for reading

Doing it 1 on 1 off won’t affect your potential gains, much at least. THat schedule is best to keep your EQ up. You can do PE on the same day as your workouts. Increased blood flow should help some.

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Thanks for the answer ,

Well, I wouldn’t mind doing my PE on the same days as my workouts. But I’ve read it’s better doing PE after you’ve done them and for some reasons - mostly for time - I can’t do it after I’ve finished.

Would you suggest me to stick to the 1 on 1 off schedule then?

If you absolutely cannot do them as 2 on 1 off, then 1 on 1 off is aksi good. It is a good schedule to keep your EQ up.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Alright thanks for having lighten up my mind , I’ll do this then ;)

PE on the way

Temporal, just never stop doing and you will reach your goals.


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