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Newbie routine, red dots

Newbie routine, red dots

Hello guys, I have started the PE just before few days. If I run the newbie routine and begin with stretches, after that I have a problem to retain my errection and my penis slowly goes to flacid. Any ideas, how to improve that?

I have also tried to start with jelq and then follow up with stretches - this works better, but isn’t it a problem? Can I do the stretch right after I finish jelqing, surely I use a warm up before I continue with stretches..

I have also noticed few red dots on the top of my penis, should I ignore them?

Thank for your help

I say stretch first.

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Try watching porn while jelqing to retain your erection. You can still jelq at a low erection if you’re aiming for length, but if you’re looking for girth

gains - then you need a high +60% erection while jelqing.

About the red dots. If they are itchy and you have to scratch it`s not ok.

Thanks for your answers, anyhow one last question: is it a must to stretch first?

Originally Posted by beginner17217
Thanks for your answers, anyhow one last question: is it a must to stretch first?

So long as you warm up enough, do what ever you like in what ever order you like.

Red dots are an indication that you may be going at it too hard too soon. They are infact, burst blood vessels. I found the best way to get rid of them was to massage the effect skin in the shower by rubbing between your thumb and forefinger as if you are trying to role a cigarette ( or joint if you prefer :D ).
Usually this clears up most of the discolouration and the rest normally fades within the next few days.

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