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Newbie Routine. What do you all think

Newbie Routine. What do you all think

1) Warm Wash Cloth Wrap 1 min. Pause. Then again for 1 min.

2) Stretch: Directly out in front, then down, then up, then left, then right (all directions for 1 min w/ 10 sec pauses inbetween). Pause 30 sec. Then repeat.

3) 30-50 squeezes (sometimes I’ll do the oil based jelq, but not very often)

4) Massage: 1 min.

5) Warm Wash Cloth Wrap 1 min.

The cycle period is 2 days on, one day off.

What does everybody think of this routine? Is there anything you guys would add, change, remove? I’m completely open suggestions. Info very much appreciated.

Also, I haven’t gotten exact measurements yet but last time I checked I was 7x5.25. My goal is 8x6. Is this a reasonable goal? If so, what would be a typical amount of time to reach this goal? Is there anything I could do to my routine to expedite (sp) the process? Thank you all. Cheers.

It is a solid routine. Very close to the Newbie Routine which is good. Keep it slow for a while until you get conditioned. Your goals are extremely reasonable. It depends on you as to how long it will take (more physiologically speaking than anything).

Originally Posted by andgrowing
Is there anything I could do to my routine to expedite (sp) the process?

Yes, take it slow. I know it sounds weird, but it’s the best thing you can do right now. If you try to do too much too fast you will end up hurting yourself and thus slow down progress. Hope this helps.


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