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Newbie routine question

Newbie routine question

Hey all,

I got a little question regarding the routine.

If I do only jelqing without the stretching will I see any gains?

The reason I’m asking is because I experienced some pain after the stretching. So what happens if I just jelq?

Yes, you can gain both length and girth by only jelqing. Stretching would help with length gains though. Where are you feeling the pain? Maybe you are stretching too hard.

What time of pain are you feeling as well? Is it a sharp pain? A dull ache?

I encountered a similar problem when starting.

Modified the newbie routine so that I do only jelqs + just a few second stretch’s in all directions with low intensity.

After about a week of PE, my unit became harder and more conditioned to implement 5 minutes of stretching in my routine.

BTW to answer your question, I myself gained about .3” in 12 days in length - which means, besides the fact that I gain well, that you CAN develop more length by just doing jelqs.

My advice: try it like I did. Do small stretches to make your unit more used to the stress of stretches. Just, don’t force it while it still hurts.

What kind of pain do you feel when jelqing? Where?

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