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Newbie PE Questions

Newbie PE Questions

Greetings all,

I’ve been dabbling with PE on and off over the past year or so, with mixed results.
Only recently did I get some free time to commit to a routine with greater discipline.

I built a captains wench (great device!) for hanging in the shower, and I’ve hooked
It up to a pail which fills with water on the other end, supplying the weight. It slowly
Goes to about 10lb, which is all that I can stand for a good 2-3 minutes, and I usually
Repeat this intense hang 2-3 times.

I’ve read a bit of LOT theory, and modded my shower setup to allow for an upward
Hang (using a pulley) and the same frequency/interval. I’m more or less trusting my
Body’s tolerance for strain, but applying as much weight as I can cope with.

I also use an extender for a few hours a day, mixing it up between %60 upward
Posn and 40% downward/centre position.

The thing is, I haven’t really been seeing results for length. QE is well improved,
But I am not getting much longer for BPEL. Any thoughts?

Also, I’m finding measuring BPEL is a bit misleading to see how much I’ve grown.
Since this is happening almost imperceptably, has anyone ever tried using growth
By measuring displacement of water/volume?




I forgot to add, the aforementioned routine has only been running for about 2 months.

More duration perhaps? Conditioning? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I suggest you start from the newbie routine. In the meanwhile, keep reading around here, because - don’t take this wrong please - you seem pretty disinformed: hanging 2-3 minutes hardly will do anything, for example; or: to see results from an extender you should wear it for hundreds and hundreds of hours; and so on, many things you are doing you seem don’t really know enough about.


I will give the newbie routine a try, but I feel pretty conditioned from several months of using the extender for a few hours a day, and striving for more duration/weight on the hanger. Since you are more informed than me, how much time is sufficient for hanging? Is it better to go with a moderate weight and greater duration, or a heavy weight with short duration? Are 4-5 extender sessions at 1 hour per day, maximum strength sufficient to see results from this?



Both for hanging and extenders, the foremost factor is time, not force. Too much force could actually be counterproductive, making your penis tougher. 4-5 hours daily could be enough, but using maximum strength is not going to give faster gains than using mild force. You’ll need anywhere between 700 and 2,000 hours of wearing the extender to see a lenght gain between 0.5”-1”. A few gain more, a few gain nothing.

Switching the angle is not required with the extender - wearing it upward is about unuseful, actually.

Newbie Qs

Thanks much, that’s all sound advice. I will start on the beginner routine, and modify the hanging/extender stuff accordingly. One last question, if I may : After the 1000 odd hours in the extender, the newbie routine, and hanging on top (for good measure) if I still don’t gain, is it possible I can’t gain? Are there some people for which these techniques just don’t work? Or is it a question of modifying the routine?



That’s a 1 million dollar question. There are people who don’t gain, yes. Why? We don’t know. More often than not, these guys start gaining when they understand they were doing too much. More isn’t necessarily better. Search for user Sparkyx and give a read to the threads in his signature, they are useful.

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