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Newbie on board :D

Newbie on board :D

Hello everyone!
I found this forum totally by accident, and I was thrilled to find out that something can be done regarding penis size.
My size is totally average. About 5.4 inches in girth and 6.4” in length. I’m 18 years old, healthy and pretty sporty (gym 4 times a week, jogging whenever the weather is nice.). My GF says she is satisfied with my size, but I think it could always be better.

So, the questions are:
Is there any effective routine which doesn’t demand any equipment (like lubricants, pumps.)? Time isn’t a factor, I plan to do this for the long term.
Will my EQ get better over time? Although I think it’s quality is mostly a psychological matter in my case (a little bit of insecurity and fear)
If I do these exercises regularly and moderately, is the risk of getting injury high? I don’t want to lose everything here :D
I started doing kegel exercises but I read one article which says that these exercises cause premature ejaculations, and aren’t beneficial for EQ. Is that true?

Thanks in advance for answers! :)

Hi, the newbie routine doesnt require any hardware, you only use your hands. And yes, it is effective.

If you do the exercises correctly your EQ will get better. If you take it slow and pay attention to your IFs you wont get hurt.

Where did you read that about kegels? Kegels work your bc muscle so they should make your erections stronger, of course if your over do it you bc muscle could resent it a bit.

About kegels, I read it on some topic regarding them on this forum. Some guy posted a link to a site where it’s explained why they are bad for men, which threw me in confusion. But, if kegels helped many on this forum, I suppose it’s false alarm.

Yes, cuz if they were bad, we would know by now. good luck

Your girth is actually pretty good. I myself after more than a year of PE am only at 5.5 girth. Simply put, you have a great starting girth on which to build. For many of us, 6 girth is a long-term goal but you should be able to reach that no problem. You could truly have monster girth if you wanted to!

Thanks for encouraging! :D

Question: Can stretching cause bad EQ?

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