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Newbie looking for some starting advice please

Newbie looking for some starting advice please

Hey - I’m a newbie (not even savvy to all the lingo yet) to all the PE excercises and have done some online searching for them. I’ve of course bookmarked this site and created a profile for frequenting it because it seems to have a lot of guys in the know connected with good info. I’ve also read up on a bunch of excercises (always beginning with the warming up to become fully flaccid) and am still finding more. My question is if there is some specific way I should start all these techniques?… To either maximise results or just not to hurt myself? Like should I be doing all of them together for some massive workout or just a few at a time? What’s up? Also, it seems there are so many $39 and $49 websites that offer online manuals - is that a good way to go? Any and all “getting started” information is greatly welcome. Thanks

Just my two cents:

I think you will find more info here than on any 39-49 dollar website.
After suffering from a minor ED problem that started when I was about 30, this
site and the great guys around here have helped me gain confidence, alot of knowledge,
and a much, much healthier penis. Read all you can and use the search engine to avoid
asking questions that have been disussed and find what works for you.

Also, while doing all that reading decide for yourself what your goals are and make them
stepping stones to bigger and better goals. While your at it, I would also decide when
and how you plan to discuss this with your spouse/girlfriend/whatever.


Keep working, keep learning


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