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Newbie jelqer- need help.

Newbie jelqer- need help.

Hey everyone, I just found out about jelqing 2 days ago when searching for ways of natural male enhancement. I was just wondering, how do I know if its working? Last night I started out with 2 sets of 30 quick PC squeezes (kegels i think?) then I did stretches in all directions holding for 30 seconds on each stretch. Then I did 100 dry jelqs then stretched again and did the PC squeezes again. This morning my penis seemed to hang lower when flaccid and seemed more flexible somehow. It was also a little soar, Is this normal? And one last thing- when you grasp the penis with the OK grip, your supposed to grip it in a full circle to force blood from the base into the head right? Lots of questions I know, but I’d appreciate any help.

I’m sort of new at this too, but I think you should warm up first.

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You’ll know it’s working by being a little sore and having a more ‘full’ looking

flaccid hang. Your kegels can be done any time such as driving your car, sitting at your desk, watching T.V. These help with maintaining harder, longer lasting erections. When you feel comfortable with stretching, raise the amount of time you hold each stretch every few weeks or so.

Your jelqing sounds fine, just fine-tune it to yourself.

Being sore the day after is normal when your dick isn’t used to such intensity.

I keep my O.K. grip a little tighter on the sides affecting mainly the Corpus Cavernosum (they’re on the sides) and loosen up as I get closer to the glans. When I really want an intense workout, I’ll keep the O grip a little tighter and jelq slower towards the head.

Good luck with your gains!

edit: warming up in a very warm glass of water for 5-10 minutes or some other method will help prevent injuries and keep the tissues softer.

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Oh yea I forgot to mention, I did warm up first. I was messing around with a warm rag and decided to drape it over my cock and lift it up and down by squeezing the PC’s. I thought it would be a cool addition to the workout.

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