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Newbie Injury Chronicle

Newbie Injury Chronicle

I started to PE six weeks ago and like may others experienced some nice “newbie gains” within the first two weeks. At first I followed a very strict routine of 1 day on/1 day off with a warm up and warm down and basic stretching and jelqing exercises.

By the end of the first month, my body seemed to be adapting to the exercise regimen so I began to vary the intensity and types of exercises used but generally I was adhering to the Newbie routine. About two weeks ago I started to encounter difficulty maintaining a semi-erection when jelqing. I chalked it up to boredom until I began to experience soreness in my left testicle and slight numbness on the left side of my shaft running up to the glans. I had to quit my PE routine this morning because of this ED and still feel some soreness although I would not describe it as acute pain. At this point I am having difficulty getting a full erection.

I have read the injury reports in the Injury Forum and none seem to correlate with my condition. There are no symptoms or visible evidence of thrombosis, varicocele, testicular torsion, etc.

I am concerned because of the incredible mental and physical results I have enjoyed so far from PE and from the great information I have received from this Forum and would dread the notion of having to quit for an extended period. I would go as far as to call my PE experience “life changing” not so much because of the size gains but because of the improved sex drive, confidence and penile fitness I have experienced to this point.

I am sure some rest is required to deal with my condition but if anyone can offer some advice on how to deal with this condition or help in diagnosing it, I would be very grateful.

Sorry I cant really be of much help, i have no idea about what the condition your describing is. But i could perhaps give a little advice on general treatment for injuries.
This is going to take some rest, it doesnt sound like a 1 day thing, but only you are able to feel how this is effecting you.
I personally would advise, Keeping your member warm, using a rice sock or performing warm up routines from ur PE routine. Also frequent massages would be a great deal of help, the main aim of all this is to keep the blood flow to this area maximised. And Keep testing to see if the pain is still there, not on a daily basis ofcourse but maybe twice a week. I can imagine your very keen to get back to PE, I share the remarkable positive effect it has had on my life with you also.
This would be a treatment prescribed for many types of injuries but it will always helps.
Sorry I cannot prescribe any sound advice, but I would stick with this, This is what i have always done to help reduce any injuries i have had in the past. And get myself back out on the field as quickly as possible.

Good luck my friend

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>About two weeks ago I started to encounter difficulty maintaining a semi-erection when jelqing. I chalked it up to boredom until I began to experience soreness in my left testicle and slight numbness on the left side of my shaft running up to the glans.<

It’s important not to conflate distinct symptoms.

Difficulty maintaining an erection might be exactly what you thought it was, boredom. Now the question is, did this make you examine what was going on more closely? Oftentimes it’s easy to make assumptions during a period of heightened awareness without really having a good understanding of what is normal.

Pain in you balls is rather easy to get. There are several things going on, you’ve gained so have you also got turkey neck? If so the scrotum is restricted and this may put your balls in a position in which they can be injured more easily. Even if that isn’t the case it’s fairly easy to, in the course of session, repeatedly smash the grip into the balls without registering it. Once you start to feel pain, this can kick off loss of erections too.

Thus far we are in the realms of reasonably normal, I think. The numbness … this is where we trip into the area of potentially major injury. From your description though I don’t think it is.

I would consider taking a couple of days off, and re evaluating your symptom.

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Hmmm.. Could your balls be hurting because you are jelqing almost to the point of no return over and over again without blowing a load and because of this you are getting blue balls?

If I were you, I would stop PE now. If you want to start again, don`t do so until your erections are completely back to normal and you have no pain. I completely fucked up my dick and my life doing PE. I don`t say that to bash PE at all, because obviously it helps the vast majority of people, and only a very small minority get serious problems from it. However, I missed some early warning signs that PE was messing up my unit, including weaker erections (didn`t think they could be a result of PE) and minor pains. I eventually took some time off, but it was too late. I did long-term and possibly permanent damage to myself. And I really wasn`t overdoing the exercises. I was basically doing a newbie routine that I got from another site. I think the cause of my problem may have been that I was overly-erect for some of my jelqs, but I tried to avoid jelqing erect by taking a break and waiting for my erection to subside before starting my strokes again. Odds are that there are thousands of guys on here that jelq more erect than I was. I really don`t know what could have caused the serious damage I have suffered. I just don`t want anyone else to go through this. So please be careful.

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