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Newbie injury & request for feedback,ideas

Newbie injury & request for feedback,ideas

I have a bump on the underside of my shaft near the base that’s forced me to stop jelquing. I got it from using the PJ too strongly after pumping for about 30 minutes.(I’ve pumped off on on for about 3 years, but never jelqed).

Anyway this damm bump swelled up and become very uncomfortable so I’ve stopped all PE (hard!) for several weeks. I’m taking Ibuprofen 400 3X daily and one 350 Aspirin daily, and also hot wraps. I’m one week into this sabbatical and the bump is still there. No pain at all. Should I wait another week, and then do you guys think I can start hanging? I’m going to forget about jelquing for the present. I’ve done a lot of hanging in the past, not with the BIB. I ask this because this bump is far enough near the base to comfortably allow me to use the BIB Hanger which I just got. It seems as long as I’m not anywhere near this bump with the Hanger it may be ok. Also, I’ve researched everything I could find on this site about thrombosed veins - this really does seem like a thrombosed vein to me - very helpful info I only wish I’d found this site before this happened to me. Should I go see a urologist? Maybe wait one month before? Please advise - i really need some good feedback!

Thank you


About bump on shaft

Hi Thunder -

Thanks for the super-fast response! This thing moves around when I move the skin. I just did a pretty good check of the area & don’t see any hair. Feels like a fairly small (vein-shaped??) bump that diminishes as it runs off around the bottom of the shaft a little and then disappears.


Bump injury

Hi Thunder -

The bump and related small swelling are definitely NOT on/in the shaft itself, but rather in the area of loose tissue surrounding the shaft. I can move this bump around a little when I massage it lightly.



I would guess that it probably is an ingrown/infected hair follicle and not any kind of thrombosis. This seems to be more likely to me. You can try a little extra hot wrap in the area and see if that makes it diminish any. Maybe massage some Neosporin into the area.

Let us know what happens with this bump and what you find effective as far as treatment. Or if you do have a Doc check it out, let us have the free medical advice. :D

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Be careful....

and go see the doc if it doesn’t clear up soon. If it is a thrombosed vein you may still be able to move it around quite easily as it will be a superficial vein and if it is very close to the surface of the skin it will be quite mobile.

Feel it thoroughly - is it just a circular bump or is it in any way like a short piece of string?

If it is longer than it is wide there is a possibility it is a thrombus. If this is the case don’t even hang as this will interfere with the bloodflow and could make it worse. I am now three months into resting after not following my own advice and it now looks like my vein has sclerosed and i will have to wait for it to be reabsorbed into my body before i can start back.

Not nice.

See Ya,


Reply to BigJ re possible thrombose

Hi Big J -

Thanks for the info. According to what you say + my reading here, it sure sounds like a thrombosed vein to me. I am going to go see a doc and will post the results. Did yours get better and then worsen cause you started in with PE too early? It seems to me there maybe is some kind of simple medical procedure to remove a small thrombosed vein - I dunno but will research it …

Thanks again for your help, and best luck to all of us with this kind of damm thing!


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