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Newbie here; having trouble with grip leading to pain

Newbie here; having trouble with grip leading to pain

I’ve started with the newbie suggested routine at TP but I am having some issues when it comes to the manual stretching, specifically the overhand OK grip.

I’ve looked at the videos and instruction breakdowns, I feel like I am doing it correctly but maybe not.

Anyway, the problem is I feel pain on the top part of my penis. It feels like the is being pinched; the whole part of the penis but mostly towards the glans. It feels like the skin of top part of the penis is being overstretched but I’m hardly stretching it. I know it’s important to be careful especially with the top part of the penis as there is a important nerve the runs along top (IIRC).

Any advice?

Grips can be tricky. With some experience you’ll learn exactly how to grip.

I’m not sure about the anatomy of other guys, but I have something in my penis the stops my hand from sliding off just before my glands. Also, when you are flaccid, you can bend you penis a bit. The pain that you are feeling isn’t typical. You are right to question this pain. AndyB123 is right. Sometimes it’s tricky, keep trying.

Keep in mind that stretching doesn’t take much force. Maybe less than you think.

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