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Newbie and getting familiar to PE.


I need to figure that out, still fairly new to the interface.

I should.

Hello there, it has been a while since I have not update this thread. I am doing fine. These couple of weeks have been really hectic for me, I moved in to a new place, resumed university and had a few trips to the hospital - due to all these factors, I skipped PE for 3 weeks.

All in all, I can feel the differences in size of my penis, the last time I measured (2 weeks ago) was 14.6cm BPEL, I am quite happy with the progress. I find it a bit shocking though, but my erection feels more firm and veiny.

Part of the reason why I want to pursue PE is not just for length gain, but to harness my disciplinary attitude - PE teaches me to respect my determination and for not giving up easily.

This semester is going to be challenging, I have to maintain my CGPA at least a 3.8 because I am aiming for a scholarship that enables me to study abroad (UK or Australia) for a semester next year.

My goal is to balance PE with university. My finishing line before switching to other regime? — Late November or early December. (I’m still sticking to my regime btw)

All the best to all the gainers out there.

I just finished my PE btw, an inaugural session after 3 weeks of unavoidable rest. Feels great to be back.

PE teaches me to respect my determination and for not giving up easily.

Quote of the day!

PE should become part of College education! Without any irony, this definitely is a great side effect of PE.

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Hi there! I vow not to measure my penis until a few months from now. Honestly, I feel my dick is kinda bigger than before. I am now back and active in PE. Just finished PE (I have even just changed my schedule/routine from 3 to 4 or sometimes 5 PE in a week).

And the most important thing is - I am no longer horny when I jelq (previously I had this massive urge to ejaculate when jelqing). I have a better control of preventing erections during stretching also. I usually reward myself with a good old masturbation during rest-days, or at least 12 hours after PE (lol). This is my greatest achievement so far - It enables me to continue PE, it is kinda like a boost of encouragement (I’ve had my bad days before, could not perform PE efficiently due to the unwanted urges).

Kind regards, I’ll update whenever I feel like it. Exam is around the corner - Wish me the best.

I havent measure up my penis for god knows how long it has been. Jelqing has been awesome, I can now manage my erections well during PE sessions. I now also find masturbation more pleasing and I can last long than before I did PE (the longest edging session I had was 2 hours, shoot buckets!). I realized my penis is more veiny, gained more definition, and girthy.

A little update on my PE status, I have been on an off due to mounting obligations, but I have been able to maintain a 2days on 1 off schedule for the past month. However, my time for PE is going to be a bit disturbed by the responsibility that I am going to have in the very near future, as I’m going to live (work and do community service) abroad for 3 months starting next week.

As for my PE routine, I still work based on the newbie routine but I obviously altered some bits to meet my time constraints. It goes as follows:
1. 5 minutes if warm up (depends, but I mostly do this by having a warm shower).
2. 400-500 jelqs, I keep up with youtube videos while at it. Sometimes take up to 20-25minutes.
3. 10 minutes manual stretching.
4. Warm down (depends).
5. 10-20 minutes edging (bonus, not everytime, I just do it when I feel like it).

Kind regards, enjoy the experiences.


Originally Posted by Faizal1996
Dear dsdanny606 and Thickambitions,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice, I feel very welcomed with such amazing feedbacks from such a supportive community.

I personally would suggest maybe cutting back on the masturbation, that can also help your gains.

Hi all, just a quick update!

My assignment required me to travel and assimilate in Indonesia for 16 weeks! And I just got back!

In other words, I haven’t had any PE for nearly 4 months (I can’t avoid it). For the course of my no-PE period - I realized I have lost the hardness that I once got, and the generous popping veins I once had (my penis is veiny regardless). I have also cut down masturbation (I was too consumed with my assignment abroad).

Now that I am on my semester break, I’m going back to PE! Wish me luck guys, I will be very busy next semester, but I think I can fit in my PE schedule well since I will get own room!

Hello all, just a quick update:

I would say I am quite active with PE for the past few months - my routine is usually about 3 to 5 PE sessions per week. I will post more update later on, but good news is - I have reached my goal of 6’ BPEL (its just over 6 BPEL now), my next goal is to increase my BPEL to 6.3’.

I am not worried with girth, it is quite girthy from the beginning (its over 5.1’ now).

As for masturbation - I only masturbate after I edge. A good edging session usually last from 20 to 90 minutes (goodness buckets), depending on my mood and time.

I am getting my fitness back. I am 22 years young and has a naturally athletic body - I run half-marathons, and my body is getting toned over the days.

This August will be my final year of University - the near future will be an interesting one as I juggle with thesis, sports and PE.


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