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New to Thunders.yada yada

New to Thunders.yada yada

Hi all,

I’m new to these forums.I posted once before, but can’t seem to find that thread now :(

I know there are countless threads around, but thought I’d create this one, cause I have a few questions I want to get sorted out in my quest for PE.

First off, and as of 26/8/07 (when I started) I’m:
BPEL: 6.5” EG: 6.25”
FL: 4” G: 4.25”

Haven’t really gained at all :( .but I kinda went to 7” length.but that was only temp.I had a few days off (like 3) and now back to 6.5” :( .

I’m kinda getting frustrated, as It takes me a while to get through a session (around an hour) and I REALLY want to gain! I’m super keen.

My current routine is as follows:

Wheat heat pack wrap 5 mins

Downward stretch (30 secs each)
Upward stretch (30 secs each)
Left stretch (30 secs each)
Right stretch (30 secs each)

3 cycles of the above

50 left underhand OK grip dry jelqs
50 right underhand OK grip dry jelqs
50 left overhand OK grip dry jelqs
50 right overhand OK grip dry jelqs

Wheat heat pack wrap 5 mins

Up to 50 kegels if I get a chance now and then (yeah, I’m not good when it comes to doing this)

.And that’s it.I chose that routine after checking the recommended newbie routine.

So I’m frustrated at having not made any gains as yet.will they come?

I’m also having problems after my routine of having a REAL itchy’s killer huh.I’m sure it’s cause it gets too dry from the workout without lubricant of any kind.but I’ve been recommended that I do dry jelqs, as they are supposed to be more what do I do?

I think it is also itchy around the base after the stretches I perform, as it must open up cracks in the skin, when I pull away and so it itches like crazy afterwards. I currently use sorbolene cream when it gets really bad, and have tried anti-fungi cream (I thought that might be the problem.although I have never had it’s not THAT kinda fungus.maybe it’s just normal fungus? But I wash thoroughly every night.. ?? :S ) does anyone have an opinion?

Tonight I noticed some red dots on my seemed like burst blood vessels or something.they were there after I did my this normal? I had to squeeze hard otherwise my penis would slip out of my that could’ve caused it.should I not squeeze like this?

How hard do you squeeze when jelqing? I’m not quite It’s hard to tell by watching the video.

I really hope I can score some gains sooner (length preferably/most definitely!) , rather than later as I have a weird goal, which is to be the size of Evan stone, weird I know. The thing that intrigues me though, is that it doesn’t look like the penis he was born with, either:
1) he has done some sort of PE himself, as his balls hang really low, and the skin looks very stretched all round. Or
2) he has had an operation to pull his penis out further, as it doesn’t seem to get a rock hard erection (like mine, very veiny) is flimsy and is strange how the penis looks like it begins from the base then the balls hang off, then the penis opposed to most dicks which have the balls right at the base then the penis comes has he had his tendons cut? (Whatever that is.a friend told me about this).

Plus with regards to curves, I’ve heard that up a little bit is good, because the women’s g-spot is do you achieve this?

So basically am I doing the right thing? When do I change/increase intensity? When do you do hanging, if at all? I really don’t like the idea of something hanging off my Wang all day long.people could easily notice if there was a bulge in your pants.

Thank you for viewing, it’d be great if you could help! =D


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Welcome to the posting side of the forum.

I think you should be stretching more. At least for 5 minutes for a start. Build up to 10-15 minutes later on. When stretching you should not see spots. It is a sign of overdoing it a tad. Never had any problem at the base so I cant help you there.

Never tried wet jelqing, but I don’t see any difference as far as gaining is concerned. I think it is neater and more intense so I do it still. Leave sqeezes and other advanced exercises out for the time if you sre just starting out.

Normal stretching, jelqing will sooner or later give you an upward curve. Doing V stretches could help for an upward curve. A for downward.


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Click on your user name in any post you have made and you will get a drop down menu, then click on, “Find all posts by Mcbain”. Mcbain - You newbies have any questions? I’ll do my best to answer them.

I don’t know jack about dry jelqs being better, back in the day we were mostly using lube. I do my kegels whilst driving or working on the computer and so don’t need to dedicate any time for them.

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Welcome to a great site. And you already have a fat hotdog.

By the way, if you had a temporary gain of 1/2”, you are making gains. Keep doing a good newbie routine, and those gains will become permanent.

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Flaccid 5+ inches on a good day. 4 1/2+ pretty much anytime. My gains have slowed to a snails pace, but I will not quit!!!!!!!

I’m just in my first week of the newbie routine, but have found that wet jelqs are much more skin friendly—at least for me, that is. With a water-based lube cleanup is pretty quick and easy. I’d like the jelqing to benefit my skin health (as well as stimulate tunica enlargement, of course) since I’m also working on foreskin restoration. Skin injuries mean I can do neither PE or restoration until healed. Downtime from injuries can sort of kill motivation to keep at these long-term efforts.

Wow Mcbain, lots going on there in your post! Welcome and congrats on great starting stats.

First, and please take this in a positive light, you must review and practice the Forum Guidelines - things like spelling, punctuation, spaces after periods, and capitals at the beginning of sentences are taken very seriously around here because we have an international audience.

On to your questions:
Dry Jelq - I use Dry Jelq exclusively, mainly to avoid the mess and hassle (I practice Stealth PE). Occasionally my penis will get very itchy as well. Mostly, I just ignore it, but sometimes I will just rub it a little after a routine and it will go away. I think applying a healing lotion after your workout with Vitamin E might help.

Routine - I also agree that you should stretch more, although I admit to being lazy and inconsistent when it comes to stretching. I really dislike stretches, mostly because they are mind-numbingly boring and make my hands very sore. But that being said, most of my stretch routines are 2-3 sets of 1 minutes stretches: up, down, left, right, and under-the-leg left, under-the-leg right. Some people advocate longer stretches (like 2 minutes each) and some advocate more sets of shorter holds. Ultimately you have to find out what works for you. Also, personally, I don’t count Jelq strokes. Instead, I aim for a certain amount of dedicated jelq time, and within that time I change it up a lot with varying grips, intensity, stroke time, holds and squeezes, etc. Kegeling is great: I suck at them too, but with more practice we can do it. This should help with EQ and control in the sack.

No Gains - first of all, it hasn’t been a month yet, you may take a while to start gaining. You didn’t mention how frequently you workout: how many rest days do you take? Try 2 on/1 off for a while, and increase your stretch and jelq time.

Fungus - I doubt you have a fungus, just some irritated skin from the dry workout.

Red Dots - Are they localized in the glans? If so, I believe these are capillaries burst from jelqing. Don’t be alarmed, it appears to be fairly common (but I have never experienced it myself). Take a couple of days off and they should go away. If it is something different, post more details.

Jelq squeeze pressure - I squeeze as hard as I can with no pain. Your glans should become full and have a “shiny” look. You can kegel between strokes to keep fresh blood flowing in. Just remember - NO PAIN is the key.

Evan Stone - not to sound flip, but who cares? You’ll quickly find that Porn is no way to judge your own penis. He doesn’t look hard because he probably isn't hard, at least not fully. I don’t know if he’s done PE, but I think the general consensus here is that most Porn stars are PEers. Ball sack stretching is supposed to be very easy since it is just skin.

Curves and G-Spots - every penis is different, and so is every vagina. Some women will respond to a curve, some won’t. You may hit the G-Spot, or you may not depending on a lot of things like position, depth and angle of stroke, etc. etc. Mine curves up, and since it is the only one I have I choose to love it, curves and all!

Overall, I think you are starting fine. I would go ahead and increase your routine some as recommended above, but you have to be aware of what your penis can take: don’t over do it! Local wisdom suggests that you change when your current routine stops working. Sometimes this means upping the time/intensity factors, sometimes it means doing something different altogether, like hanging. But for now, don’t even think about anything else: stretch and jelq, my boy, stretch and jelq!

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Thanks a lot for all the replies!

I must say, this is an extremely pleasant forum! :D I’m surprised how tolerant all the members are, as I asked many questions and got answers to all! Well done!

Thanks, I will take on board my grammar, when I posted it was late and I wanted to write out everything to get it all out and get a reply as soon as possible, as I was rather anxious concerning them, hence some mistakes.

Especially thanks for all the replies! Each one is great in a different way:

Aom91: welcome, curve info
Iamaru: where to find posts
Bigluke39: fact that gains will become permanent
Calfaddict: Using lube is good to start with
SideBanger: Grammar and answering every question I asked (VERY appreciative)

Thanks SideBanger for answering my Evan Stone query, I was sure no one was going to touch that one :p

Thank you very much! :)

I will continue to post now, it’s a very friendly community :)

26/8/08: [Errect Length: 6 1/2", Girth: 6 1/4"] [Length 4" Girth: 4 1/4"]

You are welcome. Best of luck, this really is a great place.

11 JULY 2007 - BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.75" NBPEL: 4.5"

11 JUNE 2008 - BPEL: 6.75" EG: 5.0" Base EG: 5.5"

KingPole is my Sensei - Goal: Just a little bit more - Progress/Routine - My Pictures - Perfect Measuring Technique

I’m kingpole a sensei.

You need to warm up longer than five minutes.
You need to stretch longer.
Jelqing is fine but are you completing the jelqs.

Read “Jelqing Advice” in the Newbie Forum.

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