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New to this, help greatly appreciated! Reference links inside!

New to this, help greatly appreciated! Reference links inside!

First off, I would like to say hello to everyone, I have been reading around on this forum for a couple of weeks now and have to say that I am quite impressed by all of the information that is here and the great support of all the members here on this forum [from what I’ve seen]. But now onto the point of this thread -

My question is about what is the best routine to use in order to get best gains in both length and width (i’m looking more primarily for length however, personally). Now I know a response something to the tone of “everybody may experience different results” is bound to come as a reply to this thread, so I’m going to go ahead and say that I’m not interested in those routines, I’m looking for a routine that has been proven and is notorious for getting the best gains possible. [an example I stumbled across will be in the links below]

I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times, but I wouldn’t be asking it if it weren’t for a couple of threads I stumbled across; they are as follows, with a brief description of the relevance of that thread to my question(s) next to it.

Patience… —— 7th post, by “doublelongdaddy” aka “DLD.” After I read this, this made me wonder why “DLD’s routine” was not listed as the “Official Newbie Routine” in the stickied thread in this forum. [continued with next link]

DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains —— The 3rd post in this thread is what really made me wonder why this wasn’t the “Official Newbie Routine,” since ‘doublelongdaddy’ (aka ‘DLD’) says himself that he thinks that newbies could do this routine, he then mentions again the proven great gains you can get from his routine.

Alright now I’m not going to deny that I really don’t know nearly as much as some of the other members here that are experienced with/veterans of ‘PE’. With that said, I’m not going to deny that I even know exactly what DLD was talking about in his thread; if that was his whole routine or was that just a part of it? I don’t know, but it (to me atleast) sounded like that was his whole PE routine, the “DLD Blaster.”

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on anything in this thread and what-not, and I hope to get to PE’ing soon! Of course once I know what I’m doing, I’ll always be glad to help anybody I see that needs help because I guess that’s just the kind of person I am. Happy PE’ing to all, and hope to learn alot from you guys!

Now I know why Thunder asked me to help field these newbie posts! Thanks! Ok here we go….again.

Endow, first and foremost, Welcome to Thunder’s.

The first bit of advise I will give you is READ READ READ. It seems as if you have already been doing that so that is as far as I will take that.

The second bit of advise I will give is that there are years upon years of combined experience on this site. The routines and exercises here have been tried and proven over time. There is a reason you get the “everybody may experience different results” reply…because IT’S TRUE! There is no blanket routine that creates the best gains for everyone (or even for MOST for that matter). The newbie routine is the newbie routine because it has been determined as the best routine to get your unit in shape. If you want to break from that and think you know better then have at it. If it were me I’d take the advise of decades of experience and START SLOW!!! I’m not trying to be a smart ass, or trying to put you down in any way, it’s just that why would you ignore what experience tells you to do. Just trying to be helpful. We learn from history. If you read DLD’s post in the first link you will soon see that he didn’t start of wiuth the Blaster routine. That is something he developed after doing PE for a bit. Who knows, newbies may be able to do that routine, but I would rather be safe then sorry. I only have one penis.

With all that being said, here’s the last gem I will leave you with. PE is about understanding your body and its limits. Your member will tell you if it likes or doesn’t like something. Learn to recognize those indicators that tell you you are on the right path (again, and I know everyone hates hearing this, it’s different for different people). If you try something and it doesn’t seem to be working for you, do it some more, then if it still doesn’t work, change something up. There are a few sayings that I will eventually end up putting in my signature cause I repeat them so much. PE is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We are in this for the long haul. Take your time and learn to do it right. You have your whole life to figure it out. No matter how hard you try, results don’t come instantly (well, except for in some freak cases). Sure there is a lot of experience and knowledge here, and sure your answers to a lot of questions will be answered very efficiently. But the one question that no one can answer consistently is “How do I get the best gains?” That one you need to figure out for yourself.


Endow - It looks like you’ve found your “best ever” PE exercise. Why don’t you use it exclusively for a month and let us know if it gives you the results you are looking for.

Do the letters “MOS” mean anything to you? :-k

You don’t want to do anything to hurt yourself, and it is very possible you could if you try to start off with advanced techniques, never having done PE before. Start off with some basic stretches, squeezes, or jelqing. Once your dick gets used to this, increase the time and intensity if you want, just don’t forget to take some rest days. Later, if you still want more, then add in these other harder, more advanced routines.


Originally Posted by Sizemeister
Later, if you still want more, then add in these other harder, more advanced routines.


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