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New to PE

New to PE

I have been doing PE for probably the past 3-4 weeks not sure when didn’t calender the date.


Shower warm-up + light stretches 30 seconds (down,left,right)
Medium intensity stretches 30 seconds (down,left,right)
High intensity stretches 30 seconds (down,left,right) even these aren’t so much I’m pretty gentle with my dick
Jelq 200 times 2-3 seconds (have gotten MUCH better at jelqing in the past few days,also not taken place while shower is running)
Medium intensity stretches 30 seconds (same)
High intensity stretches 30 seconds (same)
Low intensity stretches 30 seconds (same)
Then I soap my self up and consider that a warm down
2 on 1 off

I do this once a day I usually don’t touch my dick after that except to piss, But my girlfriend does. I usually have sex 5 days a week 2-3 times each night or morning w/e. We also recently in the past week have delved into anal and that requires me to be hard for a long time; kind of like edging??

My flacid and erections are better just because it used to shrivel whenever I did anything (poor blood flow maybe) but now it’s usually decent all the time (even after being in the frozen ass river)

I have not measured I probably won’t till august some time might also never measure.

I smoke but not alot also will probably quit soon (hopefully)


Ehmmm..that’s interesting. Do you have any question?

Opinions mostly just decided to post cause I’m really high, Oh yea I smoke reefer to. I’m also proud of myself I’ve been 95% consistent in the past month, considering I’ve known about PE since I was like 16 I’m 19 now. Awesome site fast and helpful responses I really don’t have any questions because they have already been answered! No real negative PI’s except up until about 3pm my flaccid felt turtled and hard but now I am inside sitting and it’s relaxed.

Hey do yourself a favor and measure your dick. Measure it bone pressed, measure it’s girth, and then measure it again. Take some pictures too with a ruler. I really wish I would have done that back in the day, especially the pictures. Try to measure it once a month. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with what you’ve accomplished.

Why not stop, or try to stop smoking Noiw!

Try this for starters. when you feel the need to smoke delay it for five minutes. (particularly after a cup of tea or coffee, etc. If you can do tat regularly them make it seve or eight minutes.

Then gradually increase the time you wnat to smoke to the time you smoke.

Once you can go for half an hour you are virtually a smoke free zone.

That’s how I did it, years ago.

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Ok so today is suppose to be my day off but I have some spare time and I’m kinda feelin froggy. Yesterday I had a nice flaccid hang all day but now it seems like it’s back to normal so maybe that is healing, maybe it’s under conditioning. I’m gonna do a session not gonna get to into it but I want to see what I’m healing like with all the negative crap I put into my body.

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